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  1. Did anybody go to Welcome Day last night? How was it? Was there any information worth sharing?!
  2. Thanks! I firmly believe that my PS is what got me my other offers... I applied to UofC at the very last minute and my PS was rushed. I imagine somebody with similar stats and a better PS would get in!
  3. Got waitlisted today. By reading these forums alone, I completely expected to end up here. I am seriously considering some other offers, and will be requesting to be removed as soon as I pay a deposit. LSAT 164 (1 write) cGPA/L2: 3.5 (they are basically the same) Good Luck Everyone!!
  4. Thank you all! I've also been considering Dal's JD/MPA (Public Administration). Has anybody taken that or known anybody that has?
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a little bit of guidance/advice as I am having difficulty choosing between Dal and Osgoode. My ultimate goal is to work in environmental/natural resource policy for the government. I've compared the course offerings at both schools, and I'm definitely more interested in the options at Dal. They seem to have a lot more policy related courses and so many different environmental law options. On the other hand, I am an Ontario resident and my career goals will likely lead me back to Ontario. I currently work for the government (totally different department/role) and when I mention Osgoode people seem to freak out over it. Does the prestige and location of Osgoode make up for their lack of environmental/policy course offerings? I'm leaning towards Dal but I'm worried I am giving up good name recognition and future career opportunities. I would appreciate some advice and hearing from anyone who has had similar career goals! ... and I thought the anxiety would end once I got an offer... TIA
  6. I heard by email...but the email came to my junk mail which I just happened to look at this morning. It is an automatic email that is generated by oasis so that is likely why it ended up in junk. When I checked oasis the offer was there with yesterday's date.
  7. Got my acceptance this morning. cGPA: 3.5 LSAT: 164 Mature category - 5 years work experience not legal related. Went into Queue on Dec 6. I thought I would 100% accept my offer from Dal but now I'm not so sure... Congrats everyone and good luck to all those waiting
  8. I got my acceptance about a month after I got that email.... I had read how quickly others got accepted so when I didn't find out within a week I figured I would be waitlisted or rejected. I know this is easier said than done, but try not to read too much into it! Good luck!!
  9. Got the email this morning and I CANNOT believe it. I'm beyond excited and will very likely be accepting. cGPA: 3.5, L2 is very similar LSAT 164 Special applicant with 5 years work experience, not legal related. Good EC's (varsity athlete, president of a large student group during undergrad). I imagine my LORs were average. Personal statement was longer than the recommended length. Went under review around December 12th. Congrats everyone and good luck to all those waiting!
  10. My application is now fully complete and I'm eager to know if I have a real shot at this. My cGPA and L2 are very similar. LSAT only 1 write. Out of province. 5 years progressive employment (promotions etc.) not legal related. Varsity athlete and president of a large student group on campus during undergrad. I know my GPA is a little low but I'm hoping the rest can make up for it somehow? TIA
  11. in Ontario... Ottawa, Osgoode, and UofT My GPA is 3.5... I was pretty consistent throughout so there isn't much of a difference in l2,b2 and b3
  12. I have a degree from an American university, and as a result, my OLSAS cGPA shows up as 0.0. It is apparently up to the schools to evaluate my transcripts on their own. I'm worried that this pretty much counts me out of any sorting of applications by GPA. I'm wondering if anybody has had experience with this? Should I resign to waiting until the bitter end, or has anybody gotten in early-ish in the cycle with this?
  13. I've been out of university and working full time for 5 years now. I have used the same two references for all of my law school applications without any issue - 1 professional and 1 academic (from university) as schools seem to require at least one academic reference. I got a phone call from my academic reference today and she was worried because UCalgary's reference form asked for specific details about our relationship in recent years. We have spoken here and there but I haven't seen her since graduation. She told me she is happy to submit the reference, but is worried about answering those questions as it might look kind of sketchy because she can't really speak to our current relationship. But since an academic reference is encouraged/required I'm not really sure what else I can do here. Has anybody else had an experience like this? Will UCalgary understand that I've been out of school for a long time so it is difficult to have a close academic reference? With no mature category it's hard to say... U Calgary is in my top 3 so I'm really hoping for good news!
  14. Six of us! Glad I'm not the only old person out there lol
  15. Just checked tonight and I went into queue on December 6th. GPA: 3.5 LSAT: 164 Mature category
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