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  1. Hi there - just finished 1L at Windsor and the administration is planning a primarily online format for the fall. It came as a huge shock to the student body and there was certainly some backlash from making such an early decision on the matter. I think that as the summer goes on and vaccine rollout increases they may switch to hybrid. The question becomes whether its worth it to move to Windsor for 2 or 3 in-person classes (of 6). If you have any other questions let me know!
  2. Right right...well i see you got into Osgoode. Huge congrats...wishing you all the best.
  3. I just finished 1L at Windsor and wanted to say that this year, i think around 4-5 1Ls got bay st positions (not myself lol)....which is honestly awesome. Yes, im sure other schools placed more BUT 4-5 is a big step up from 1. Additionally, this isnt even counting those that got intern positions or jobs outside the formal 1L recruit. I think Windsor sometimes gets dumped on but the student body is really strong imo...and trust me im not afraid to comment on the not so great parts of windsor, but the student body isnt one. If your interest is Criminal law, Tanovich still teaches 1L crim and he rocks. Unreal teacher (and i agree with sportsball on the teaching v academia point) and one of the most revered criminal law academics in the country. Some great opportunities in criminal law anywhere, Windsor included!
  4. Hey! Im only in 1L but i can give my experience on your area of interest. I will also begin with the caveat that as a 1L this year, my experience is certainly different than other years, so hopefully you will get an answer from that perspective too. As for opportunities within the school, for 1L's i think places are fairly slim pickings. You cant do most of the "cooler" clinics until the upper years because they require upper year courses. However, Pro Bono clinic and Legal Aid Clinic are two really great opportunities for 1Ls to get a glimpse into what real world legal work looks/feels like. I unfortunately was not selected but i have friends who were and they say it is amazing to work with real files. Windsor does also have some great upper year clinics (i'm thinking IP, Class Actions, Self-Represented litigants etc.) which, from what i hear from upper years and realllllyyy cool. Now, as for Bay st, i think it's realistic if you want it bad. Windsor grads get placed at big firms every year, maybe not as much as other schools but still get placed (myriad factors at play here). I know tons of Windsor grads at firms i'm really interested in and from what i hear, we did pretty well in the 1L recruit (consider last year we only had like 2 students offered jobs). I was unsuccessful at the recruit and had fairly good marks, work experience and the whole lot...and honestly, i wasnt too bummed because the firm i want to end up at doesnt hire 1Ls. I really do believe that if your grades are decent and you can carry yourself in interviews, you can get a Bay st job if you want it. At the end of the day, the kicker will likely be you and not the school you go to. I might get some people saying otherwise but Windsor is still a great school (and i think i would have liked it more in the non-virtual setting) with great opportunities on the other end. PM me if you have any super specific questions.
  5. what makes you think that? your lsat is stellar and B3 just below the median GPA of the 2020 entering class. I wouldnt be so hasty - hold out hope!!
  6. I can second this....its amazing to hear her story all the while being exposed to her writing style and opinions on things. Very cool...am currently in the middle of reading this. Also - Guns, Germs and Steel is amazing. Historical account but if you're into that then you'll love it.
  7. Its a popular one and based on American school (neverthless helpful) but How to Get to Maybe is great for law school exams. I knew nothing about law school exams and how different they really were from undergrad and the different skills required - you will learn these in your 1L but the book is a fantastic intro.
  8. Hey everyone - wondering if anyone has any insight into whether the 2L recruit for next year will be held in November again. As firms now have experience with conducting virtual recruit and given that 1L students will have grades, i'm assuming it'll occur during the fall term, as usual....but also who knows! Any and all insight is helpful.
  9. Amazing!!! Congratulations. Go celebrate
  10. did it come in as an email?
  11. oh thats awsome! huge congrats!!!
  12. If you are interested in corporate law and want to get a job on bay st at a bigger firm, i would have a look at the distribution of students who secured jobs on bay st from the respective schools. If you know of any firms youre interested in, look into those numbers specifically. If you have any questions about Windsor specifically feel free to PM me. Im a 1L and interested in the corporate route. Here is the link: http://ultravires.ca/2019/12/toronto-summer-2020-2l-recruit-numbers/
  13. anything? anyone? feel like my time has passed....
  14. so has anyone received a call/been offered an interview yet? its getting eerily close to the end of fed...
  15. the PA keeps bringing me down, but you my friend, pull me right back up hahahah. Thanks!
  16. anyone receive word? starting to lose hope
  17. No, i have one friend who applied and they've heard nothing either. Im hoping theyre just behind.
  18. Nope - nothing yet. Likely wont get a PFO hahaha
  19. I realize its wishful thinking...but anyone receive call from A&B that did not receive any information from them?
  20. Yeah good point. We shall see...til then enjoy your weekends everyone (unless post-5pm on a friday is prime PFO time for some firms haha).
  21. no dice on A&B today anyone? do we think they're done or?
  22. you seem to be the only one on this forum who received one (unless people on here did not apply there) and there have been no reports of PFOs. I more so meant, more ITCs should be coming.
  23. Also - this is from the A&B website (apologies if everyone has already seen it): In the first year summer student recruitment process, if you are granted an in-firm interview with Aird & Berlis, we will advise you via email that we will be calling you on “call day” to schedule an interview during interview week. So ITC should be coming...
  24. One person on the first page - UOttawa i believe
  25. a nice PFO from Davies (Windsor) but expected
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