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  1. Hi guys when i went to add uWindsor as a payee for my online banking i get two options: 1. University of Windsor 2. University of Windsor Tuition Anyone know what the proper one is? i emailed admission office who directed me to Cashiers office who has yet to respond.
  2. It hasnt been there for me. I check often and either the link is new or something is because i would have noticed. Oh well - thank you anyways.
  3. Hi guys - maybe a stupid question but i have yet to receive a response from Osgoode and i went to check my OASIS and saw a "Deposit Payment" link below "Programs and Choice" Does everyone see this? Got my heart going for a second but i feel like its a default prompt that everyone may get.
  4. As lewcifer said - chose the program you think you are most interested in/passionate about so you can get the best grades. Also, i would take into consideration the school as well (not prestige or anything) - i mean where you want to live for four years, whether youll be staying in residence/housing or have to commute. Just get the best grades you can - this is something that took me a while to realize so youre already ahead of the curve. As for Masters - i would say this is where the reputation of school starts to matter a bit more. I know U of T (my alma mater so maybe im biased) has fantastic reputation for grad school and i know many MA students from U of T that went on to work in very reputable governments and private sector positions. PM me if you have any specific questions regarding U of T.
  5. Oh okay, that makes sense. So that is our November "reading week"? Do we not get anything else? i noticed there is another "study break" in december.
  6. What is WLPS week for law students at Windsor. Couldnt find an explanation anywhere....am i missing something? lol
  7. From what ive seen this cycle and previous years, i think youll get into queens barring any blatant red flags on your application. Is your 164 from January? If so, that could be the reason for the delay! I would stay positive, you have great stats.
  8. Why do Windsor students not take torts in 1L? and is this a big deal?
  9. Yea, i figured as much
  10. Hi guys, not sure if there is already a thread on this, if so please just link it below. I have received an offer to a school and the deadline to accept is May 22. Is there a point in waiting til the last few days to provisionally accept, or should i just accept it now and check off the boxes for continued interest in the other Ontario schools to which i have applied? Any costs/benefits to either of these? I feel like theres no difference really but accepting might just give me peace of mind LOL. Thank you!
  11. Hey, thank you so much for the input. When you say spend y 1L summer with them, do big firms take on 1Ls?
  12. Hi gang, i was recently offered a contract extension for my job at a law firm on Bay st and will also be going to law school in Sept. The extension would be for two months (June/July). I was wondering what everyones opinion is on working vs. relaxing the summer before law school. I have kind of been non stop for two years now with school and internships and wouldn't mind the time off. However, the money, continuing my rapport with the firm (for future job) and filling my time during the COVID era is enticing to me. I wanted to get opinions from everyone here. Help me out!!
  13. Hi guys, i recently got into a school, so obviously i want to unload ALL of my LSAT materials to an unsuspecting victim lol. I have an absurd amount of materials ranging from the bibles to loophole and everything in between. If you want details and prices please just shoot my a PM and i will give you any info you require.
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