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  1. Well these are partner schools of Windsor and both offer law exchange opportunities. The site explains how it works, but i was hoping to get a student perspective on it.
  2. For the experience... I am an Italian citizen and would love the opportunity to live there for a bit. Be it a semester or a year.
  3. Hi guys - wondering if anyone has any experience with doing an exchange during law school. I am looking to do an exchange while at Windsor to one of two schools: University of Udine (Italy) or University of Lucerne (Switzerland). I would rather go to Italy but it requires "good" language skills and i'm only conversational right now. Do people usually go in 3L? Wondering if people can give insight. Thanks
  4. yep yep same here cGPA: 3.04 L2: 3.71 LSAT: 164 (Jan) Thought i had a chance at both western and queens but unfortunately i guess i wasnt competitive enough
  5. i think everyone here would agree that it shouldnt. thats super unfortunate and honestly im going to be in the same position...
  6. received the most annoying answer from admissions regarding outstanding applications. They essentially said now, applicants can expect to hear by end of June or more likely July. i find this ridiculous and quite frankly unprofessional. i understand there are tons of applications, but to force students to make a decision on a school without knowing the status at others schools is flat out embarrassing. i know my view on the school is tainted at this point. Perhaps this happens every year so i dont think this cycle is an exception, i just think this needs to change. the burden falls on the student to follow deadlines but theres no deadline for schools to inform student about offers????find that ludicrous. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk. good luck everyone.
  7. i imagine it will be since the OLSAS deadline is that date....unless OLSAS makes exceptions? idk
  8. i just sent them an email regarding this and will post their response once they respond...
  9. lets push good vibes out there so that we hopefully hear back today....
  10. Also waitlisted sometime yesterday. Will probably be declining the waitlist. cGPA: 3.04 L2: 3.71 LSAT 164 (Jan)
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