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  1. not what I said. Experiences vary. A consideration of that is important.
  2. Highly subjective experience haha. I would say OPs stats are not sure thing but people were admitted with lower stats including a very very close friend of mine!
  3. From previous year threads and experiences of close friends, you have a good shot later in the cycle at places like Western & Queens. I know people that got into Queens with same GPA and lower LSAT. Be confident. We have no idea how Ryerson admissions will work so if someone says you have "good chances" they don't know what they're talking about. I could be wrong, but I really don't think that a .02 deviation between U of T transcript and OLSAS will have any sort of impact on your chances. Stay calm...those acceptance will come when they come!
  4. Yes! You can still apply to a lot of US law schools. I have applied to a few and still finishing up a few applications. I would say a decent amount of US applications are actually due in the new year (2020 jan, feb or march). PM me if you have any questions about this topic.
  5. got my email yesterday morning and ive been trying to sign in ever since. the Oasis sign in just keeps telling me that ive provided and invalid username or password. I realize the email says might take up to 24 hrs but has anyone else had this same problem?
  6. Tried three separate laptops and two desktops and the program didnt work. Couldnt make it past the microphone check point because it failed to save and playback properly. Waste of time.
  7. going to call ASAP to request test center in Toronto/GTA...lets all get behind this so we don't have to take a road trip
  8. Thank you for the insight! Would Jan put me at a disadvantage. Im truly not set on attending anywhere in particular so ill go anywhere i get it.
  9. Hi all, just wanted to get an idea of my chances at Ontario Schools and Dal. Extensive ECs, good work experience in financial and legal sector, good volunteer work for long durations, great references from well-known U of T profs, undergrad thesis, honours BA from U of T. Considering a rewrite for Jan.
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