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  1. Thanks for the input everyone. I decided to accept the dual program last night. Fingers crossed
  2. Thanks for the reply. I am definitely fortunate to have done so well in this admission cycle. However, I also put a lot of effort in my application with with my EC's and there is also the LOR's. Again, I don't really have a clear path on what I want to do after law school. I will probably have a better idea when I get the legal education. I just say that to give you an idea of where my interests lie. On top of that, I imagine the legal business will transform given the increasing rates of globalization and the interconnectedness of society. Nonetheless, Ill take your advice and search the forums.
  3. Waitlisted on UOzone today. CGPA: 3.38 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 152
  4. Hey everyone, I am struggling right now because I cannot make a decision on what law school I would like to attend next year and I am looking for some input. I have got accepted to Bora Laskin and Windsor (Dual Program), and I have recently got waitlisted at Ryerson and Ottawa. Tuition is not an issue for me (as I know some people will point to Windsor's Dual tuition). I am simply wondering which school is better for my career. While I do not have a clear path yet, I ideally would like to practice corporate law in the short term, and then shift my practice to human rights/international law. So I ask, do you think I should accept one of my offers (deadline July 2nd)? Or should I risk it and wait for Ottawa or Ryerson? I also have yet to hear from Queens, but given my stats, I don't think I stand a chance which btw are: CGPA: 3.38 L2: 3.8 LSAT: 152 (I know not so good) Given these stats, what chances do I stand at Ottawa and Ryerson? Anything helps! Thanks guys!
  5. Waitlisted today! CGPA: 3.38 LSAT: 152 L2: 3.8
  6. How easy/difficult do you think an individual can start a business without a commerce background in undergrad? How easy/difficult was it to open up your own law firm?
  7. I was waitlisted on April 8th. I also did not submit my winter term fourth year grades on OLSAS. Good luck!!!
  8. Accepted this morning!! Off the Waitlist! CGPA: 3.38 L2: 3.8 (also best two) LSAT: 152 Good luck to those still waiting!!
  9. Honestly, unless there is a really good reason, the measures every university took regarded COVID should not make it difficult for students to succeed - especially for those who wish to go to law school. But another thing worth considering is some people (such as myself) have completed two year round classes. So while I worked on 10 classes, only 3 appeared on my fall transcript, while the other 7 came with winter term marks.
  10. I emailed Ryerson asking them when the next round of offers will occur (we are getting closer to the firm acceptance deadline on July 2nd) and included in my email if they were going to look at our 4th term winter marks. Part of their reply was the following: "Our application assessment is complete, and we are not recalculating GPAs with winter term marks. We are waiting for the tuition deposit deadline to determine if we can issue more offers of admission. Over the late spring or early summer we will be issuing the wait list and denial decisions" I was wondering if I should reply. I find it unfair, especially for those who have their 4th term winter marks as their best marks. Also, if you end up being part of the waitlist, what is the chances you would get a definitive answer before the firm acceptance deadline?
  11. Thanks for the insights. I don't plan to take a year off, I already got into Lakehead and I am waitlisted at Windsor dual. It is just odd because I have yet to hear back from any school (except a rejection from UofT), so I wanted to know what my chances are before making a decision
  12. Can anyone give me a prediction? I just finished my fourth year and submitted my grades to OLSAS. Still did not hear anything from Queen's. CGPA: 3.38 L2: 3.8 (also best two) LSAT: 152 I understand my LSAT is VERY low, so I ask, how much do they value it? Does my L2 help me out? or is queens only interested in meeting both thresholds (i.e 157 LSAT and 3.7 L2?
  13. I got waitlisted today as well, but unfortunately I don't have the answers to your questions.
  14. After being referred to admissions for approximately one month, I got rejected today Kinda disappointed as I'm still in my 4th year and projected at getting an A average. OLSAS CGPA: 3.24 (without second semester of 4th year) L2: 3.6 (probably be around 3.75 after 4th year) LSAT: 152 (150) Got into Bora Laskin, still haven't heard from any other Ontario law schools.
  15. Update. I just got referred to admissions committee for both the Dual JD and the single this morning. My "To Do" list is now empty.
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