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  1. The Faculty grades meeting is scheduled for next Thursday, May 13th. Grades will be viewable on Student Center by Friday, May 14th. Best, Shane Guys don’t give me a heart attack like that
  2. If you want to practice in AB, U of Calgary and U of A are going to be your best bets. Pretty sure some UBC grads, and maybe some TRU grads end up working in AB as well. Maybe @CleanHands can confirm? But the general notion is that you should go to school in the province that you want to practice in. Not sure how many USask grads are in AB
  3. Yea I read the same thread shared above, as well as a few others, and IMO, it was overly pessimistic.
  4. I second this. I've actually seen a few people who have done well in Toronto from USask and Robson Hall. One works at a pretty good securities firm. But if you have a degree from one of these two schools, your employment prospects will be best within each respective province. Where are you currently located and where would you want to practice, ideally?
  5. I was also concerned about the JD market and whether a law degree was "worth it" before applying a couple years back. I can assure you that if you go to a reputable school in Canada, you will, as it stands, have a good career and earn a good living. Does that mean you'll be working in a corner office in Toronto looking over Lake Ontario? Not necessarily. But having a law degree from a reputable school, in my opinion, puts you in a better place, career-wise, than 90% of the population. Just to offer perspective, I go to a school that is not U of T, Osgoode, McGill or UBC, and I've had plenty of incredible opportunities that I wouldn't have had if I did not go to law school. I've met some truly amazing people along the way. Time will tell what kind of career I will have, but I am very optimistic that it will be, relatively speaking, a rewarding one. If not in law, then in some other industry (government, consulting, finance, etc). A law degree isn't a free pass to a house in Rosedale and Maserati (although it potentially could be with a lot of hustle and a lot of luck). But as I said, I strongly believe that a law degree from a reputable school puts you in a very good place, relatively speaking.
  6. Way 2 go @Queensugrad2019. Here’s some cake 🍰. Let’s celebrate. 🥂🍾
  7. True I’m not 100% sure how each schools curve works I’m just repeating what I’ve seen from a few people who said that queens has a higher curve. But yea, I think OP’s grades are v good
  8. Yea I’m pretty sure you’re going to be in the top 20%-30%, maybe even higher. All your grades are above average except one. I’d be jumping for joy if I was you, these marks are pretty sweet
  9. Does Queens curve to a B+? I’m pretty sure your grades are fine. I have a friend at Queens who had 4 A- last year and she got 18 OCIs. Youre fine. Congrats. Now pray for me. Mine come out Friday.
  10. Update: it does not get better Started working my 1L summer job today and I’m already swamped. I have to wake up early like a big boy and I have tight deadlines While I’m not worrying about my grades anymore, I have to worry about the quality of my work and meeting those deadlines, which is just as stressful (as you all said) Different kind of stress, but at least the work is somewhat enjoyable (so far)
  11. I’d like to have kids one day, but I don’t want to be that terrible deadbeat dad that never spends time with his kids/is always working. Like the protagonist in the song Cat’s in the Cradle. Luckily, my parents worked 9-5s and my mom worked from home, so I got a lot of attention as a kid. I wouldn’t want to give my kids anything less. I think moving forward, a lot of people are going to realize that having kids isn’t for everyone. Especially if you’re more career-oriented.
  12. I used to work at McDonald’s and the gravy would never melt the cheese because the cheese is...uh...not cheese.
  13. I don’t even know how this is possible, but I’m sure a lot of people on here have already done it.
  14. How is this website free 😂😂 @Morgan The entertainment value! 😂
  15. For real. This website is the best part of being a law student. Whoever made this site deserves an award of some sort.
  16. The Beyond Meat A&W burger exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised.
  17. Such is life on lawstudents.ca
  18. You’ve obviously never had a triple baconator with supersized fries and a frosty.
  19. Also heard that top bay st tax attorneys pull $1mm. Can anyone confirm?
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