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  1. I think 100k is fairly standard, especially in Ontario, unless 1) you got a sweet scholarship or 2) have your parents helping you. I'm probably going to live like Buddha for 3 years. No alcohol, no cigarettes. No fancy clothes unless it's a suit needed for something school/career related. Absolutely no girlfriend(s). 90% of any income I make during 1L and 2L summers will be transferred to my LOC. Hopefully by the time I finish articling my debt will be well below $50k.
  2. Hey everyone. Hope you’re all doing well. I was just wondering, if you strike out during OCIs, is there a way to apply to those participating firms down the road, I.e., when an associate position opens up? Or do large firms basically source all new associates straight out of school (through OCIs). This might be a dumb question, so forgive me as I am totally ignorant on how recruitment and hiring works. Thanks!
  3. 7 sage is by far the best resource. If you buy the ultimate pack you get access to every test in digital format which is great for practicing now that the test is digital. The analytics are absolutely amazing. The algorithms tell you what specific questions you need to improve on (ie, LR weaken, RC fact based). If I recall correctly every single question since 1991 also has a detailed video explanation as well. Highly recommend. It can’t get any better. Just make sure you stay on schedule.
  4. Harvard Ready totally worth every penny. Do all the homework and you should be scoring 160 at the very least after a couple months.
  5. Anybody have an experience with curved monitors? Something like this?: https://www.samsung.com/ca/monitors/curved-cf396/ I’ll probably get a nice monitor with my CERB cheque lol
  6. I am praying for you my friend 🙏 You deserve better. Keep your head up.
  7. Hey everyone I was rejected on the 27th with a 3.65 and 162 so I guess the answer to my question was...yes...I should’ve been concerned 😂 Good luck if you’re still waiting who knows what these turkeys in admissions are doing
  8. I see your point but I still remain skeptical. I know guys who graduated from a UK school in 2018, got called in 2020 and are working now. At least employers have a sense of what they are getting with UK grads. Either way, time will tell.
  9. Mmmm I don’t know if it’s really “absurd” to say. I see UK grads get decent jobs, some even in middle market firms. There’s a network and that’s one thing Ryerson doesn’t have and won’t have for a while 🤷‍♂️
  10. This is from 2017. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. FYI, Windsor is an esteemed institution with a history spanning over 50 years:
  11. I’m not worried about increased “competition” from Ryerson Law because there won’t be any competition. Someone who graduates from a UK law school like City University London where the LSAT isn't required will still have a way better chance at securing an articling position than someone from Ryerson in my opinion. My opposition to Ryerson opening a law school has nothing to do with me. Ryerson, knowing that law schools are absolute cash cows for universities, opened up a law school, preying on the common misconception that anyone with a law degree can make it onto the upper echelons of society. Such is not true and hasn’t been for years. To me, that lacks integrity. As I said, the last thing Ontario needed at this point was another law school. The industry has been rough and growth projections are inline with the economy as a whole. Unless you’re ok with dropping $60k on a law degree + interest only to come out of school and not find an articling job and make $50k at best, I wouldn’t touch Ryerson with a 39.5 foot pole. No offence to Ryerson admits but I’d rather get a degree in gender studies than go to Ryerson Law. I’d rather have cocktails with Bill Cosby than go to Ryerson Law.
  12. The stats that Ryn provided are for everyone who was admitted, including those who didn’t attend. the stats posted on osgoode’s website are The “class profile,” so the medians of the students actually attending.
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