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  1. So they didn't tell us the number of acceptances sent out unfortunately, but my impression is that there was about 50 admits present today. Keep in mind that some admits may have been unable to attend. Among those present, not everyone had decided yet. I definitely wouldn't worry if you haven't heard yet, it seemed to me like they have a ways to go to fill the class.* *please take this with a grain of salt, I'm making a lot of assumptions and this is only based on my observations today.
  2. There is a Welcome Day for students admitted (so far) tomorrow actually. Based on tmr's attendance I assume we will get a rough estimate of the number of offers already sent out.
  3. Thank you for the insight! I definitely can see how that gap can be beneficial coming right out of law school.
  4. Hello! I'm wondering when articling typically starts after graduation, specifically for Toronto? If I wanted to do the 3.5 year degree at McGill, would I need to wait until the summer to start articling if I got an articling position in Toronto? Given that Ontario grads would typically graduate in the spring, I'm not sure if there would be a gap. Thank you!
  5. Admitted yesterday! CGPA 3.85/4.00 LSAT 164. Now to decide between here and UofT....
  6. Hi! I assume you are looking to apply next cycle? Although you might have a chance at some schools (I'll let others speak to that), I think you should consider writing the LSAT again. You would have a lot of time to bring up your score and would open more options.
  7. Good points. I'll for sure look out for potential roommates as more acceptances role out. Worst case I'll do rez in first year, and once I meet more people in 1L it will be easier to find a place off campus. Thanks for the advice!
  8. Hi! I was wondering if the UofT residences (like woodsworth, Morrison Hall) are open to law students as well? I just got admitted today and I am from Montreal, so housing is a bit of a concern for me.
  9. Can't believe i am making this but just got the call! CGPA: 3.86, from CEGEP in QC so no B3. LSAT: 164 Good luck to everyone!
  10. If I remember correctly you need to follow the instructions in the email to create your user ID (if you are not already a western student). They don't send it to you.
  11. I have similar stats, hope it all goes well.
  12. Hopefully you're right about Oz! Yeah I agree, U of T is a bit of a coin toss. You're more confident than I am about UT lol. thanks for the predictions!
  13. Hey all. I applied to UofT, Western, Osgoode with stats in the title. What would you say are my odds? ECs: Director for a Non-Profit, President of a uni association, etc. (not necessarily v unique, but competitive) LORs: Strong
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