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  1. Accepted !! cgpa 3.9/157 so excited !!
  2. I just got the call this morning! cgpa 3.99 b2/l2 4.00 lsat 157 (one write) connections to indigenous law and the school mandate feeling SO BLESSED
  3. Has anyone heard anything from any of the Ontario schools regarding when they estimate they will start sending out offers? I know it’s still early I’m just getting nervous
  4. I also went into the queue as of yesterday! OLSAS gpa 3.97; lsat 157. Lsat seems low to be in the queue compared to other posters. Idk of being in the queue has anything to do with admissions offers tho???
  5. Mine went under evaluation last Friday!!!
  6. Other than my stats, I had good ECs and a good PS. Several merit awards throughout undergrad (not sure that matters?). Worried about my LSAT score and considering rewriting in January. I know it’s subjective, but any insights?
  7. Got my October score back this morning and found I made a 157. This is quite a few points below where I was PT'ing, but that's okay. Some background on my application: in first year, I had a 3.7 GPA, but in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year, I have made a 4.0 GPA each year. OLSAS recorded my CGPA as a 4.0. I was also awarded the top merit-based scholarship at my undergraduate institution, have quite a few EC's, and 2 really amazing letters of recommendation. I think my PS is fair, nothing extraordinary but still good. Do you think I may still get into Osgoode despite my 157 lsat score? I think I still stand a chance at the other schools I applied to, but this is my top choice school. Thank you!
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