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  1. Oh my - I’m so impatient and it’s only been 4 weeks for me. Congrats!
  2. For how long have you been referred?
  3. I think so - especially since it’s been since December
  4. Oh my! I thought my 4 weeks was a long time. Have you called the law school?
  5. When were you all referred to admissions? I’ve been referred since feb 10th - getting extremely anxious!
  6. I think referred means that your application has been received and now has been passed to the admissions committee. They remain incomplete until they are viewed by admissions, I assume anyways
  7. How long were you referred to admissions? Your LSAT is higher than mine. I just feel like I’m waiting for rejection 👎🏼 UWindsor is so hard to predict.
  8. How long were you referred to admissions?
  9. Does anyone know the average time to be referred before a decision is reached? Does UWindsor group based on stats or do they go through each application as they come? My stats are pretty low but i have extraordinary circumstances that i outlined in my statements. i've been referred for 3 weeks and i'm so anxious. I just want to know if i should be expecting a response soon or if my application is put towards the bottom of the pile in favour of those with higher stats? Windsor really doesn't seem to have a method haha
  10. When were you referred to admissions? I’ve been referred for about 3 weeks - getting anxious!
  11. How long ago were you referred to adcom?
  12. The unwinsite system is not the best... they are always having problems with it. It’s safe to assume they just haven’t viewed your application yet or the system just hasn’t updated.
  13. Mine keeps doing the same thing. Uwinsite is awful - it’s a newish system and is always having issues.
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