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  1. If I went to Queen's and eventually decided to work in Toronto, would that be possible?
  2. I have been accepted to Queen's and Osgoode and I'm trying to decide where to go. I want to become a Criminal Prosecutor. The costs are significantly lower if I attend Queen's. I want to know if Osgoode will give me a better chance in the legal market for obtaining work after graduation than Queen's to make the cost difference worth it? I'm not sure where I want to practice, probably southern Ontario somewhere. Thanks!
  3. I am just wondering about scholarships whether entrance scholarships or otherwise, would you be informed of those with your offer letter of admission or at another time? For schools such as Queen's and Osgoode. Thanks!
  4. I applied to Osgood, Ryerson, Queen's, Ottawa and Windsor with a 3.88 for my CGPA & L2, as well as the LSAT score I just received this morning from the January LSAT of 161. I am just wondering if there is a timeline for expecting a response from schools about acceptance? What are my chances of being accepted? Also, does my late LSAT hurt my chances of being accepted? As well as my chances of receiving any scholarships, if I am eligible for any? Thank you for any insights on these matters! What do you think are my chances at these schools with my stats at this point in the admission cycle? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am currently finishing my undergrad and hoping to attend law school in September. I have applied the only thing missing is my LSAT score as I have not tested yet. I believe my application is strong with my Personal Statement, LoR and Sketches+Verifiers. My GPA according to OSLAS conversion table is a 3.9 cumulative and for last 2 years. I applied to York, Ryerson, Queen's, Ottawa and Windsor (in order of preference). I am writing in January and want to score a 160, but as a overload student, 2 jobs and volunteering. I'm afraid my score will remain near 155. I'm wondering if I can still get into any of the schools I applied to with these stats?
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