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  1. From what I saw in last years thread, there were people who got into Queue in November and got accepted months later and there were also people who got into Queue in January and got accepted a week later. It’s hard to tell whether there is a correlation between getting into queue and when you’ll hear back from admissions!
  2. I agree that I need to pace myself out. It’s hard when many years of wanting to go to law school leads up to this point! Just wanted to know if they do send them out on the weekends. I appreciate your input though.
  3. Hi guys, I just wanted to know whether any school sends out acceptances over the weekends? Has anyone gotten one over the weekend? I want to know so I’m not obsessively checking every hour of the day, lol. Thanks in advance!
  4. Mine shows the same thing! Still says "Application Incomplete". I read in another thread that it apparently stays that way until they start reviewing your file, and if anything is missing, they'll reach out to you.
  5. My mistake! I misread your original post and thought you already received your score, haha. I took my LSAT twice and decided not to cancel my first one so that I could take it as a learning lesson. I looked at the questions I got wrong and really nailed the areas that needed improvement. Personally, I think knowing how you did is better than not.
  6. I don’t believe you are able to cancel your score once you receive it! You can cancel only 5 days after you take the test. From what I know, most law schools look at your top score, so I wouldn’t worry much and would focus on killing the January LSAT.
  7. Hi guys, I was just wondering how your L2/B2 would be calculated when you have a course that was taken in the summer. The way that OLSAS broke it down is three different grades - one GPA for the summer of second year, one GPA for second year (F/W) and one GPA for third year (F/W). I'm currently in my fourth year so there is not fourth year GPA. Would I just use the GPA from second year without the summer GPA to calculate L2 and my GPA from third year? Thanks in advance!
  8. I submitted on October 26th! I would assume that they're sending out applications in batches because of the high numbers of applicants.
  9. I received acknowledgement this morning! A few of my friends also have received theirs but I know a few that haven’t yet.
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