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  1. Waitlisted. 3.32/ L2 3.6 / LSAT 163
  2. Appreciate the optimism and the sense of humor! Thanks a lot
  3. I believe most offers become firm on June 1, not July 1 Hang in there, and good luck!
  4. I truly do not know but if I had to guess they, like other programs, are waiting for this semester's marks
  5. A good place to start would be on their website. Heres what I found: Coding Intensive Course Description: This five-day intensive course focuses on several coding languages. Students gain a quick overview of HTML and CSS, the backbones of all websites, and spend time learning the fundamentals of Python, now widely used for applications in data analytics. After gaining basic proficiency in this program, students use it to complete a group project. They are also introduced to tests that help them assess their own proficiency in the fundamentals of legal technology.
  6. Got the acceptance on RAMMS today, hasn't shown up on olsas yes.
  7. Mines been reffered for over a month. Does that mean anything?
  8. I know people are saying this doesn't matter at some other schools, but i'm curious if there is any correlation between being referred and hearing back.
  9. Access applicant as well, 3.2, 3.4 L2, 163 LSAT (still have to submit 4th year grades which are better) good luck to all, hopefully access applicants start hearing back soon
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