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  1. Thank you all for your responses! I ended up contacting my usual advisor at RBC and he and one of his senior colleagues assisted me! I was offered $125k at prime, loan accessible through articling, no cosigner required, and I just had to submit my proof of enrolment I did ask about the prime - 0.25% as was advertised on their website, but was told that the option was not available for JD programs.
  2. Hi all, Does it matter if I start looking into a PSLOC with a designated bank rep or with the advisor I usually deal with at my local branch? Is it more beneficial to contact the specific rep? Any insight on the topic is appreciated!
  3. Accepted mid-March after being on the waitlist for a week; declined the offer a few weeks ago. CGPA 3.29, L2 3.67, LSAT 159 Lots of legal work experience & ECs.
  4. May I ask how you got to this application?
  5. Accepted some time today via Student Centre! CGPA 3.29, L2 3.67, LSAT 159 Lots of legal work experience & ECs Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  6. Accepted March 9th via RAMSS! CGPA: 3.29 L2: 3.67 B2: 3.74 LSAT: 159 Licensed paralegal, 2 years of law firm/legal aid work.
  7. As per the Ryerson Law website, Ryerson Law will use the best 2 years of undergraduate degree studies (full-time equivalent) to calculate the GPA used for admission consideration. e.g. 20 one-semester courses or 10 full-year courses.
  8. Hi all, Just looking for some insight regarding my chances this cycle. OLSAS converted stats: cGPA: 3.3, L2: 3.4, B3: 3.5 I will be writing the LSAT next week and am expecting around 159/160 based on my average PTs. Licensed paralegal, ridiculous amount of work and volunteer experience (including a criminal defence firm and legal clinic), a handful of ECs and reference letters from professors I've worked closely with. I know it doesn't count towards my stats, but I graduated with a 4.0 and highest distinction from my paralegal program. Personal statements tailored to each school and explaining how working 2+ jobs throughout undergrad affected my gpa. I have applied to Western, Queens, Ottawa, Osgoode, Windsor (single) and Ryerson. I know that the gpa is an issue, and I'm considering sitting for the LSAT again in January to up my score. If I do register to write in January, am I best to let the schools know now or wait to see what my November score is? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!
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