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  1. Just notified via Western's online dashboard. Admitted! L2 - 3.51 LSAT - 169
  2. Just got the call! Accepted! GPA: ~80%, 3.51 LSAT - 169 (One write) Regular Category.
  3. I have those columns too, I just have an additional one.. Huh.. okay.. maybe if you have no notes on your file the column just doesn't populate? Might just be a reviewer-to-reviewer quirk.
  4. When looking at the Application Checklist, on the far right hand side, when a document has been received and I assume looked over, there is a little column called "note" and in that column they've noted "Satisfied" for every document I have put forward thus far. Have they not been doing that for everyone? Maybe it's a per-evaluater thing?
  5. The application landing page updated with a date on my updated grades (Not "Satisfied" yet). At least I know they have it now.
  6. I've got Law-Hold too, I assume they are kind of swamped right now. I ordered my fall grades (which I assume is what they were waiting on) on Jan 3rd, which I assume they received around Jan 10th (As that's around when everyone else got them), and they have just today acknowledged that they received them.
  7. Yeah I was kind of blown away, considering the same stats got me an acceptance at U of A, which seems to be more difficult to get into. Maybe I bombed my Personal Statement to U of C Stoked that you got in! Yeah, would if I could but I am also pretty interested in living in a new city for a while.
  8. I just received an email, yeah. My application completed around the 10th.
  9. I just received a wait-list notification from UofC today. L2 - 3.51 LSAT - 169 Strong ECs, regular category. Not to worried, got an acceptance at UofA, looks like I'm moving to Deadmonton.
  10. Got the email a few minutes ago L2 ~ 3.51 LSAT 169 Regular Admissions Category
  11. I am from Calgary, Alberta. I hadn't looked to much into provincial preference. I am hoping that doesn't become a factor, I was looking forward to living in a new city for a while.
  12. Thank you for your input! Appreciate you taking the time. I may send an application in to UBC as well, if that's the case. Based on my math (which might be wrong) I am right on that line.
  13. Hey all, just trying to get a gauge of my chances. I am currently in my last year of a finance undergrad and I am trending towards these numbers will increase a little bit with my fall semester grades. I know some of these are a long shot but I like to think I have some solid ECs and references so I wanted to gamble on some higher caliber schools. 3.43 CGPA 3.48 L2 3.58 B2 169 LSAT Applied to - Calgary - Alberta - Windsor - Victoria - Ottawa - Western - Queens - Osgoode - Toronto Appreciate the input! Thanks!
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