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  1. I have strong ECs, a master's degree, and law-related work experience. Wondering if it's worth trying to improve my LSAT score in January... Any feedback is appreciated!
  2. Based on my correspondence with OLSAS, this is correct.
  3. Thanks! I eventually realized I could get a hold of someone through the Secure Applicant Messaging.
  4. I have had problems getting my academic institution to mail my official transcripts to OLSAS and I am basically running out of time for my application to UOttawa because of it... I am wondering if anyone has gotten away with mailing transcripts to OLSAS yourself (despite their apparent policy on this) or if OLSAS is accepting transcripts by email or through a link of some kind?? I have emailed OLSAS with no response for a few days now and getting through to anyone on the phone hasn't worked.
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