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  1. Good Morning! I received confirmation from LSO at 5:20 am this morning. We should be able to find our Membership number on LSO's lawyer directory in about a week. Congratulations to all.
  2. Looks like we should receive an email tomorrow.
  3. I wasn't aware of this, thank you for posting this. Although it would still be prudent to wait until we receive confirmation from LSO.
  4. Haha yeah, the excitement of opening up the message only to be let down twice in a day. Must be trolling us on purpose.
  5. Congrats! *Pops Champagne* Yeah I guess we're lawyers on paper only. Practically we can't do anything until we get our Membership number. I'll be celebrating for real when my name is listed on the directory though.
  6. I believe in a typical ceremony situation you sign the roll for the OntCA and the ONCJ and you receive your Barrister Degree and Certificate of Qualification during the ceremony. The Membership number is then mailed following the call. https://lso.ca/becoming-licensed/lawyer-licensing-process/call-to-the-bar Regardless, you can't do much without the Membership number. So I guess we just wait and see, I'm sure LSO is just as confused as we are since this is the first ever "paper" call to the bar in history.
  7. The LSO representative that I spoke to a few days ago told me that I'll be receiving a notification a few days after the 28th. Possibly in the week of June 1, 2020. They also told me that I should be receiving my Law Society Number after a few weeks. However, when I was speaking to them, it seemed like they weren't too entirely sure.
  8. I received passed results in red lettering too. I called LSO to confirm my exam results but they said they cannot see my exam results from there?
  9. Thank you so much for your response, it really cleared some concepts up.
  10. Hi there, I'm currently preparing for the upcoming Solicitor Exam in Ontario. I have the following question from a practice exam that has been bothering me. I believe the answer key might be incorrect regarding this question. Q) Which of the following is not a possible defect in title? A. There is a registered easement providing for a right of way. B. The name of the individual selling the property does not match the name on the transfer. C. The deed for property owned by a married couple does not include a spousal statement. D. There is a non discharged mortgage on file. I believe the answer is A, as the buyer must accept title for minor easements under Paragraph 10 of the standard OREA agreement contract. However the answer key says the correct answer is D. Any input on this question would be greatly appreciated.
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