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  1. I don't think anyone's heard anything. It looks like it came out very late last year so it could potentially be another week before we get word.
  2. But that gets to the same problem as what OP suggests. How do you know you want to be a lawyer without having experienced it first? As a 0L myself, I keep hearing that law school will be like nothing I've ever experienced, and I assume the same applies to the law profession. Imo the question of "why do you want to go to law school" is, for most people, the same as "why do you want to be a lawyer".
  3. Interesting. If that's the case then they must put a lot of weight on the LSAT.
  4. Engineering Science at UofT.
  5. I'm fairly sure the L2 is correctly calculated, or at least pretty close. I would also mention that my undergrad is somewhat atypical and I think they may have taken it into account, along with my work experience. I'm sure they had to have read my personal statement at least, which shows that UAlberta probably takes a more holistic approach than is commonly believed!
  6. It's self calculated. How would I go about getting it verified?
  7. Received admission on beartracks and email yesterday, regular category. L2: 3.1 LSAT: 167, 173 (2 writes)
  8. There is no penalty to answering the question. I assume they just need it for data purposes.
  9. I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what you're trying to say. You said the challenge wasn't the workload but rather the mental overload, but could you elaborate on that more clearly? It seems like you went on to speak about physical pain right after as opposed to explaining what that meant. What contributed to the "mental overload"? Was it the difficulty of learning the "new language" of law? Was it the uncertainty of not knowing how you stand relative to your classmates? I'm curious because I always thought it was the adjustment in the workload that gave people trouble in first year, so it would be interesting to hear more about your perspective.
  10. Thanks! B2/L2 is 3.2/3.1. Not a whole lot better.
  11. Just checked my application status and I have an acceptance on my account. 2.9 cGPA (not a typo) and 173 lsat. 3 years work experience, ON resident with no Sask connection.
  12. Does anyone know why some Ontario schools request your LSAT from LSAC directly? Shouldn't it be OLSAS doing the requesting and then these law schools subsequently pulling it from OLSAS? What's the point of them sending a separate request directly to LSAC?
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