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  1. Wow! Sucks for the 2Ls who got their year cut short and have to keep taking classes online. But I really appreciate the efforts Western is taking to ensure that 1Ls get some semblance of a first year. Would anyone mind posting the full text of the email?
  2. Doesn't that figure actually support his point? Those 15-20% of students who are graduating debt free are very likely getting a significant portion of their expenses covered by someone, which is within the range he estimated earlier in the thread:
  3. The payment goes through surprisingly quickly. I submitted an online bill payment and it showed up the very next day on my statement of account. I wouldn't leave it until June 1st though. Get it in a couple of days in advance, just in case.
  4. The announcement for anyone who wants to read it: https://www.uwo.ca/coronavirus/presidents-updates/index.html Personally, I'd like to have the ability to do some in-person activities (fingers crossed that clinics will run in some capacity), so this is promising news for me.
  5. I don't think it's your stats that are holding you back. Judging by your post history, I'm more likely to think that it may be your personal statement that is throwing up red flags. You wrote you're an ESL student - did you get your personal statement proofread by any of your peers who are native speakers? If you've left grammatical or spelling errors in there, it may reflect negatively upon your application.
  6. Any reason for you to not believe this? It doesn't sound too unreasonable to me.
  7. Your LSAT score can make a huge difference. My GPA is more or less the same as yours and I'm in at Western, in addition to a number of other schools out of province. I presume I would also be in at Windsor and Ryerson, had I applied to those schools. The difference maker, I think, was a great LSAT score and having some years of full time professional work experience. So the short answer is, no, you're not out of the running for going to law school in Ontario. But it won't be easy and you'll have to work hard on a) your LSAT and b) highlighting everything else you have to offer in your application.
  8. Your point number two describes me to a tee. I've also got a stable job that I could ride out another year in, but... I just don't want to spend another year in a profession that I have no intention of remaining in. As much as I'd love to experience 1L in person, it's simply not worth it for me to sit around in limbo for another year.
  9. I have no problem with online classes. It's the mandatory P/F part I'm talking about. Mandatory P/F makes sense right now because the current disruption came in the middle of the semester, without notice, and left a lot of people scrambling to adapt to their new living and care taking arrangements. But if there's several months of notice that classes will be online, then this measure doesn't seem necessary. As much of a bummer online 1L classes would be, it's certainly doable in my head. But having no grades really takes the cake for me.
  10. You've gotta be kidding, right? How is 1L supposed to work if you've got no grades and likely no extracurriculars (assuming those would be shut down as well)? How are employers supposed to assess you during OCIs? In my own personal opinion, this is a negative for Osgoode and I hope I don't see other schools following suit.
  11. Definitely possible to get into a Canadian school with a good LSAT. I'm in a similar boat with professional work experience post graduation, a worse GPA/L2 than you, but a 173 LSAT. I've been accepted to Western, Sask, Manitoba and Alberta so far this cycle.
  12. Ah I see. Well that just sounds extremely lazy and unfair. I would really hope that my school wouldn't pull something like that.
  13. Aren't most online tests administered through special software that records your screen and webcam nowadays? Given that most law school exams are open book (so I've heard - I'm only a 0L), it shouldn't be an issue as long as they can verify you aren't chatting with anyone, right? I imagine it would be administered similarly to the digital writing portion of the LSAT.
  14. That's surprisingly low. 79th percentile is 159-160.
  15. I think it's only for UofT students. Otherwise it would be far, far better than what any other bank offers.
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