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  1. Nvm, just found out post secondary scholarships are not considered taxable income in Canada (assuming you meet certain basic criteria)
  2. So in Canada, scholarships are considered taxable income. If I plan on attending an American law school in the fall (on a full tuition scholarship), does the scholarship still count as taxable income to the CRA? Thank You.
  3. Thanks to everyone who posted in this thread. Just to be clear, it is my intention to work in the USA, not Canada. This thread was created to get some perspective on my prospects should the worst case scenario occur (not being to find work in the USA, and having to return to Canada).
  4. Was hoping someone could provide a link to the questions that are on the good character questionnaire faced by prospective applicants to the Ontario Bar by the LSO. Have searched for a bit and the most I have come across are isolated questions asked by people on forums or articles. Thanks.
  5. I think my thread is asking for something too specific. Essentially, I’m trying to gauge how much my work habits will differ from undergrad in order to achieve similar degrees of success. I keep hearing people say things like law students study 6 hours a day and I’m a bit baffled by it. Mind you, I am not the slacker/last minute cramming type, so with daily study habits, 6 hours seemed like a bit of an exaggeration— unless it’s true.
  6. Excluding time in lecture halls, assuming an average reading/study skills for a 1L at of U of T, how many hours a day is typical if aiming for an H (or higher grade). I know this is a very generalized question that will vary greatly between individuals which is why I tried to set some basic parameters. Perhaps someone who got an H or higher could chime in. Also interested in anyone else’s study habits that got a P to mix it up.
  7. Yes, it is 72 mins plus a short subway ride to campus. Honestly, the more I talk to you guys, the more I tend to agree. Maximizing my grades is my top priority and anything that could interfere with that is unacceptable. I just need to find something that doesn’t completely bankrupt me. Replies here and the dm’s I’m getting have been really helpful with suggestions; there’s lots of time to make things work.
  8. Is it possible to find anything for 1000-1200/month near the school?
  9. So to everyone, what are the odds I could get a bachelor in the 1000-1200 range near the school or is that completely unrealistic? I pay 800 here in Hamilton for my own place. The other option is getting a roommate which would admittedly be quite an adjustment as I’ve lived on my own for quite some time and prefer my privacy. Could someone point me in the direction of a site designed to find a roommate near the school (preferably a fellow 1L if possible)?
  10. Maybe dm me sometime and we can see if we might be a good fit for roommates.
  11. Thanks, this was really helpful. I also dc about drinking activities/ going out to bars whatsoever. My main concern would be if there were morning and evening classes on the same day, as that would be awful for me. If classes generally run from 9-4, that’d be great.
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