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  1. Oh thanks so much, I guess I should email them then! Is there a link to the website this is specifically taken from?Thank you again for the help!
  2. Hi Ryn, I was accepted to the MES program at York, with the intent to do the JD/MES dual degree, but I have yet to hear back from Osgoode. Would you advice that I reach out and let Osgoode know I've been accepted to the MES program or should I just assume they will find out from the MES office? Thank you!
  3. Congrats! You were accepted on a Saturday? Edit: nevermind haha
  4. This was incredibly helpful and definitely has eased a lot of my stress. Just hoping for the best now, thank you for all your great responses!
  5. Super stressed because I'm still waiting but given there's been no big end of March batch do you suspect it'll happen in April or just accept that they've run out of spots and will now be waitlisting? This wait has been dreadful
  6. Not to be that person but given how few acceptances have been going out these days can we attribute it to COVID-19 changes slowing the process down or can we just expect at this point that all the spots are filled and waitlisting is all that's left?
  7. Congratulations! Just wondering, did your OASIS update today as well or did you only hear through email?
  8. Thanks for explaining! That makes perfect sense, and congratulations on both acceptances!
  9. Hey just wondering why? Out of curiosity
  10. Congratulations!! If you dont mind my asking, did you fill out part b?
  11. Thank you for answering! Could you elaborate on what an example of this would be?
  12. Congrats! What was your B3 for GPA?
  13. Apologies if this has been asked and answered but what is the relevance of alphabetizing?
  14. okay so a bit of a specific question: im in 4th year and i had a bit of a rough go at one of my years so im wondering when i submit my 1st term grades will these half year grades become one of my years in a best 3 GPA calculation or is half a year not enough to even consider in b3 and only considered in the cgpa?
  15. That's amazing! Congratulations! When did you go in queue?
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