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  1. Mature Student / Indigenous Category / 3.7(ish)... went to too many schools with different GPA scales
  2. Accepted this afternoon!!
  3. Has anyone who was waitlisted in the last cycle heard back yet?
  4. How have you found the process? Have any indigenous applicants on this forum been accepted yet?
  5. I am in the same position. I was waitlisted May 20, 2020 and refused late August 2020. Hoping for a better result this time around!
  6. Initial offers went out early December in 2019. Some of us may hear this week (hopefully)!
  7. I believe it falls under "Don't be afraid to be original, but be careful not to sacrifice substance." If you are writing your personal statement like it's the back of a biography, then it should probably have a title. Substance can also be sacrificed by not being concise.
  8. Congratulations! When did you get put on the waitlist?
  9. rio

    Waitlisted 2020

    I was waitlisted at the end of May, had 14 days to accept or decline the offer, so that seems standard. Admissions said that waitlist offers would be reviewed early July. Not sure where that's at though...
  10. I was in touch with the admissions office and they informed me that they would be reviewing waitlisted applicants in early July.
  11. rio

    Waitlisted 2020

    Yes I do speak French. I applied closer to the deadline. Mature student. No interview.
  12. Does anyone know when the next deadline to accept or decline an offer is?
  13. rio

    Waitlisted 2020

    What deadline did they give you to accept or decline the spot on the waitlist?
  14. Waitlisted this afternoon. Anyone else? Edited to add for the OP: 3.33 GPA No LSAT Lots of international work experience. Public sector labour relations executive.
  15. Does any one have any idea on how McGill Admissions chooses which applications to start reviewing first?
  16. If you have been out of school for five years then you are a mature student. I completed a certificate program three years ago, which was two years post-undergrad, and I was told to apply as a mature student from admissions office.
  17. No sense worrying about something you can't change. I have GPAs from percentage scales based on a bell curve, 4.3 scales, and a 10.00 scale.
  18. I believe my status has changed from Mature to Ontario University/College.
  19. Mature student here. Graduated from business school, worked five years in labour relations for public sector trade union. Experience lobbying all levels of government in Canada, Aus, UK. Worked on passion projects in business related to music that have taken me around the globe. Pedagogical publications, experience teaching university level. Lived / worked / studied on six continents. Studied at four universities in Halifax, Toronto, London, Sao Paulo. English/French/Portuguese. Not sure about "stats".
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