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  1. I am considering Graduate House, for me it is more with simplicity as I have a house in Manitoba and do not want to have to worry about possibly having to furnish another place and moving a lot of stuff back and forth. I am not opposed to the walk (even in the winter...I’m use to it). For some reason it just appeals to me to be right there on campus. I’m planning on going to SK this summer so until I’m there checking things out that is the way I am leaning.
  2. Mine was today as well, they must have updated a stack of them! My usask email even started working today!!!
  3. Thanks for the input. Yeah that all makes sense! I too struggle with paying for a place I do not technically need. Have you found a place yet? Are you going the way of apartment or residence?
  4. Hey, I was wondering what people from out of Province are thinking of doing for the fall? Are you moving? Waiting to see if the winter term is in person first?
  5. I just happened to check online and it was updated. I did eventually receive an email the next morning.
  6. No it said an action was required and when I clicked on that it showed me a decision letter. I did also get an email at 3 a.m. saying to check as a decision had been made.
  7. I was accepted today! Just logged on to check my stays. I have not received an email to check! Good luck to those still waiting!
  8. Still waiting as well, also special category. I did speak with Doreen last month and she had said they were hoping all offers would go out by the end of June. I also applied in November!
  9. Yes it would be nice if there was some movement....however I will take hearing nothing over hearing a no!!!
  10. I emailed Doreen this week, she said they are behind in sending out offers due to working remotely and that special applicant offers have not gone out yet. They are hoping to have all offers sent out by the end of June! Still hope for anyone who applied under this category!
  11. Did you apply regular category or special? congrats on your other offer!
  12. It is pretty quiet on here....anyone hear about an interview yet?
  13. Has anyone who applied under this category heard if they were successful or not? I am still waiting for them to receive one more transcript....it’s painful!
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