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  1. Was accepted just this afternoon in the general category. 3.9 CGPA/ 4.0 L2 155, 157 LSAT Will be declining as I've already committed to Dalhousie - hopefully this will clear up a space for another person waiting! Good luck to those who are!
  2. I never actually received any 'under review' email! It's kind of strange because some people are saying they received them but I never did. I was actually getting slightly worried that they hadn't received all my information or even looked at my application as I had applied back in October.
  3. Accepted this afternoon! Very, very excited because Dalhousie is my top choice. CGPA: 3.9/4.3 L2: 4.0/4.3 LSAT: 155 (Oct), 157 (Jan) Ontario resident - I'd say decent EC's & PS, very good LOR's
  4. I received my acceptance yesterday! I had applied about two weeks ago. CGPA: 3.9 (L2 - 4.0) LSAT: 155 and still waiting on my January score Ontario resident, fairly good EC's, did not submit LOR as it's optional
  5. You don’t need to purchase those reports! Schools individually request LSAT scores and LSAC releases the score reports to them. If you applied in Ontario scores are also released to OLSAS.
  6. I was hoping to get some advice on my chances. I am in an honours undergraduate program (idk if this makes a difference) and my L2 GPA is 4.0/4.3. I have very strong references and extracurriculars as well. I am planning to rewrite in January but if for whatever reason I don’t do better, could I get in with these stats? Feeling a little discouraged as I see more and more people being accepted. Thanks!
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