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  1. Received an offer- stats are 172 LSAT and 84.1 gpa. BC resident. Plan on accepting. Congrats to everyone!
  2. Congrats on your offer I was the original poster. They called me to let me know, I did not call them.
  3. Not sure if they've changed how they typically work, but I spoke to an admissions officer around 3pm on the 20th and was told I would be getting an offer.
  4. Scored a 172 for October. Received a call just now saying to expect an offer in December 🙌🏼
  5. According to my LSAC academic summary I have a 3.82 cGPA before drops. When I do the math, I get a 84% average for UBC after drops (using A+s as 90s and As as 85s) for my non-UBC credits. Half are UBC and half are RRU. Is this correct? My September LSAT was a 161, but I rewrote in October. Hoping to have at least a 165 on that test, but don't find out until next week. Anyone have a good idea of what my chances are and what Oct. LSAT score I need to be auto-admit? Thanks!
  6. Mine was just changed from Application Pending to Law - Hold. I have a 3.85 according to LSAC (before drops) and a 162 from the September test. I rewrote in October and results come in on Wednesday which I am hoping will be much higher and make my application more competitive.
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