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  1. I'd say on the bigger side with ~100+ lawyers. Is this considered medium sized? Big? I don't know.
  2. Should we contact the firm to ask what they plan to do if we have not heard from them yet? I don't want to come across as indifferent, but also don't want to seem impatient.
  3. One way to check is to go to Accepted Threads and find the page with posts beginning in April 1st.
  4. People, my Bay Street firm doesn't put up photos of their summer students. Should I be concerned? /s
  5. Yeah, I don't know where this person is getting these numbers. https://precedentjd.com/summer-job-watch/bay-street-summer-job-numbers/ Blakes is the only firm that has 40 students.
  6. Maybe 1Ls, but most large firms on Bay Street have photographs of their 2L students. Also, this is a weird thing to mention as a metric of experience.
  7. Do you know whether they have postponed the start date?
  8. Anyone else heard anything from their firm and/or about other firms?
  9. Just in case someone missed this: https://www.mindengross.com/join-us/students/the-hiring-process
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