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  1. thats rough 😕 what are your stats if u dont mind me askin
  2. I wonder when she left, I sent an email on July 10th with no reply haha
  3. That could definitely be a reason, given that they chose to not disclose waitlist ranking information! Lets hope that this is true ahaha, i still have SOME hope left!!
  4. im not expecting much anymore.. started studying for the lsat again
  5. Rejected cGPA 3.1 L2: 3.44 LSAT: 157
  6. i checked the queens portal this morning and saw that my status said "Your application has been unsuccessful"
  7. Rejected B2: 3.44 LSAT: 157
  8. Nothing on RAMMS since November as well!
  9. Is this restricted only to those who have received an acceptance? Or can people on the waitlist join as well?
  10. yes!! also i wonder if there will be available rentals close to campus in january
  11. Would any current/past law students at TRU be willing to comment on how important the social aspect of law school was during the first term?
  12. Early june is the speculation
  13. thats holistic admissions for ya
  14. Applied near the end of October 2019, wrote the LSAT in January 2020.
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