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  1. lol i applied in mid october, wrote the October LSAT and I still haven't heard anything Although I probably just jinxed it and will get rejected tomorrow
  2. i think this is an unofficial rejected thread ahah
  3. yep i got the email today https://imgur.com/a/ojlCPcG username and password is what you use to login to myTRU
  4. Classes are 5 months away. At the rate vaccination is occurring, I have no doubt that we'll be in person in the fall.
  5. To my understanding TRU doesn't have a grad residence like others schools do. From what I've heard, lots of the law students reside in the Landmark complex and McGIll ridge apartments.
  6. yeah, its linked to your student ID so they'll know what its for. You should see your status change from "Seat Offered" to "Applicant Acceptance" shortly.
  7. I don't think there have been news of a welcome day yet, but the faculty of Law will have a booth at the TRU open house this Saturday from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST! You can register here: https://www.tru.ca/future/virtual-open-house.html
  8. Rejected as well! cGPA: 3.3 as per OLSAS B20: 3.6 LSAT: 161 not too bummed out as I already have received an acceptance!
  9. lol its the GPA they calculate for you based on your transcripts
  10. last year I applied with these stats ( 3.44 L2 and a 157) and was Waitlisted, ended up receiving a rejection first week of September.
  11. This was my 2nd cycle applying and I provided new references. They never included my previous ones. I'd say give Stefani a call to resolve this https://www.tru.ca/law/faculty-staff/staff/stefani-klaric.html
  12. i got in this cycle with pretty much exact stats. 3.5 L2 and 161
  13. You can change the expiration time of the link by the way, just click "Edit invite link" when you're generating it
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