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  1. I can't confirm with certainty since I am just another applicant, but it seems as this is the case - going by what others have written in other threads and my own personal experience.
  2. To my understanding, "Complete and ready for review" means that they have received all the necessary documents, but your file has not been sent to the Admissions Committee for review yet. You will receive a letter grade next to your transcript and your LSAT score once your file is sent to the Admissions committee and your status changes to "Pending Decision". There is no approximate timeline for this step.
  3. im pretty sure, yeah. Seems like they're assigning letter grades to files that are ready and complete for review.
  4. i just hope those who applied early admissions still get a chance to be reviewed first lol
  5. Yeah its TRU, USask and Manitoba that are the only ones to not send out an offer yet
  6. did you receive an acceptance from TRU?
  7. Did any of you indicate that you are writing the January 2020 on your app when you applied, by any chance? If thats the case, then TRU is going to wait until your January LSAT scores are received to complete your file (and attach the letter grade to your file).
  8. most of the offers last year were sent out between the end of February and April. Still a long ways to go!
  9. pretty sure its because your file is not yet completed? Are you writing the January LSAT? Because they wont complete your file until your Jan LSAT score is added
  10. it states it next to your transcript I calculated my L20 to be 3.5, and it also says (A-) as my GPA lol
  11. same here! I finally have a status on the TRU portal, it now says "Pending Decision"
  12. send an email to [email protected] explaining your situation, attach your resume in the email just in case
  13. Anyone else who wrote the Oct Flex and still has not had their LSAT score retrieved? My file is still incomplete because of this
  14. hmm, they still dont have mine
  15. nope, nothing like that lol
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