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  1. i was in a similar boat last year (L2: 3.44 and 157) and I was waitlisted Who knows though, the higher GPA and better ECs could lead you to get in!
  2. TRU calculates your GPA based on your last 20 courses
  3. Not sure about this cycle, but last year TRU sent me my student ID and instructions on how to access myTRU 4 days after submitting my application. App was submitted on Oct 25th, email received on Oct 29th Hope that helps
  4. Hello! I'm writing the October LSAT-Flex on Thursday, October 8th. I've peeped at the LSAT subreddit and saw people discuss some material on their exam(topics mostly). I was wondering if the same topics are to be expected when I write it on Thursday? Or does LSAC change the material depending on the day you write the exam?
  5. After your L14 is established, they go to the previous semester and choose your best grade to add to the L15.
  6. TRU is on a 4.33 scale. so your current 3.4 is probably around a 3.6 on a 4.33 scale? Looking at past acceptances, i think theres a good chance that you'll get in
  7. Seems like it, lol. I was given the "Committee Declined" decision on the portal but I never received an email confirming my rejection.
  8. So I was rejected last week, but checking the portal now and it no longer says "Committee Declined". My assumption is that they're cleaning up all the applicants from their system and getting ready for next year's intake. Sorry
  9. just checked myTRU and the decision has been changed to "committee declined" L2: 3.44 LSAT: 157 See y'all in 2 months lol
  10. Damn this sucks This would have definitely increased my L20.. Guess I gotta do extra well on the LSAT lol
  11. thats rough 😕 what are your stats if u dont mind me askin
  12. I wonder when she left, I sent an email on July 10th with no reply haha
  13. That could definitely be a reason, given that they chose to not disclose waitlist ranking information! Lets hope that this is true ahaha, i still have SOME hope left!!
  14. im not expecting much anymore.. started studying for the lsat again
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