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  1. Thank you! I submitted around Oct 30th. I just wanted to be done with the application so I submitted pretty early
  2. Just got the phone call and they said the email offer will go out very soon!!! In the past year I remember how much I appreciated seeing people sharing stats and it's just so surreal that now it's my turn Here we go I guess: 3.77 cGPA (without drops, sorry I don't know how to convert to uvic cgpa accurately since the system is so different from uoft) 162 lsat Also I am an international student (if there are any more international students out thereπŸ˜‰) Good luck to everyone!!!
  3. Just an update, I actually received the phone call about half an hour ago (they said the status will change to "offer" soon and they will send an email offer in a day or two). It's so funny that I was here panicking in the morning and they just called a few hours later in the afternoon πŸ˜‚
  4. I have been stuck at "Forwarded to Admins Officer" for about a month now. I am not sure about my index, but my cgpa and lsat together should put me above the median based on last year's chart, so hopefully being in that status for quite some time means good news? I really hope that can change to a "decision pending" soon to save me from the anxiety of having to check the system multiple times a day hoping for any changes
  5. It did change to the same date as in queue. I didn't even notice that, but I don't think that means anything. As long as we are in queue, it means they are going to review our files soon, so nothing to worry about
  6. We have almost the same stats! OLSAS CGPA 3.74, LSAT 162. Went in queue yesterday, submitted the application 2 hours before the deadline on Oct 31. It's definitely nerve wrecking seeing "decisions will be posted to OASIS in due course". I know I will be checking the system daily from now on and probably more than once per day πŸ˜…
  7. I am just curious if UBC ever withdrew their offers after giving them out? If so, what might the the conditions? I assume if there is a significant drop in GPA they might withdrew it, because they do ask for final transcript. But even for GPA drops, how much can be considered to be so substantial that can warrant an offer withdrawal?
  8. That's interesting, because when I emailed them about more than 1 week ago they said it would take up to 3 weeks, meaning it should be complete by now, yet mine and seems like many others have been "incomplete" for a long time. I guess they don't have a solid idea how long it would take for the system to update either 😟
  9. Just got LSAT score removed from the to do list this afternoon, glad it's finally coming together!
  10. I have exactly the same thing, so I emailed Ottawa admissions today and they replied that it could take up to 3 weeks after the initial confirmation for the system to completely update itself, so it's not a big issue, just give it more time.
  11. Thanks! I just saw those posts too. It just seems like a really long time for "pending", but I guess different law schools have different styles
  12. So I just received the confirmation email from Queens early in the morning and I created my account on SOLUS as instructed. But what's interesting is that when I checked my application status there, it was saying "decision pending". I know this is usually the last stage of status changes at least for other law schools, so I am just curious if anyone else also got this and would this be a good sign that I might receive an offer quite early?
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