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  1. Sadly there hasnt been any movement since the very beginning. I have been emailing them a few times ever since I was put on the waitlist and the most recent one was a couple days ago
  2. Hey, fellow international student here! My plan is exactly the same as yours. I don't think our law degree will benefit us much if we want to find jobs in our country of origin and I enjoy living in Canada, so I will go through the work permit - express entry - citizenship route. I mean I don't see how pursuing a profession in law is much different from seeking immigration in other professions. Plus, there is a calculator on the government website for figuring out your Express Entry points. From the calculations there, our advantages will be our law degree, which gives us considerable points allocated to master's level education, and probably the highest level points from English language exam scores (IELTS, etc.), assuming our English ability will be among the top rank of all applicants if we can even manage to do well in LSAT and pursue a career in law. So don't worry too much. Things will work themselves out if we work hard and be prepared
  3. Thank you for your advice! I never imagined cold calling like that would be so effective. I guess I will do the same after I enter the law school
  4. I think you and QuincyWagstaff made very good points and I appreciate all your responses. I might contact UVic about this because I guess this year's circumstances are truly unique.
  5. Thanks for your advice and I will probably contact UVic about transfer. I agree if I am determined to work in Vancouver, then choosing osgoode would not be a wise choice, but back then osgoode was the only choice for me and I was even convinced that I had to stay in toronto for the foreseeable future. However, my personal circumstances changed quickly especially with law schools going online, so my options opened up again and I am now exploring the possibility to work in Vancouver in the future
  6. I was also thinking about that , but I got the feeling from law school websites that they generally only approve transfer for exceptional circumstances. Is that actually the case or it is in fact easier to transfer than I thought?
  7. I totally agree with you that I should have chosen UVic. But what's funny, or sad I should say, is that I rejected the offer from UVic earlier due to some messy personal reasons caused by the pandemic. With hindsight, I should probably have kept that offer because had I known the current circumstances, I would definitely have accepted the UVic offer over osgoode
  8. Thank you! It's certainly good to know that people from Vancouver managed to get jobs there. For me, I lived in Vancouver for about 4 years as an international student when I was in high school and came to Toronto for undergrad, but now I want to move back to Vancouver. Would you say that is a sufficient connection to Vancouver so that people there would not question my claim to go back?
  9. Thank you so much for your response! It really helped with my anxiety. If you could, do you happen to have any advice on how to network with Vancouver lawyers when I am in Toronto?
  10. Hi everyone! So I have accepted the offer from Osgoode and am currently on the waitlist at UBC. My ultimate goal is to work in Vancouver, so I will definitely accept a spot at UBC if I can clear off the waitlist. However, in the case that I have to stay in Toronto to attend Osgoode. I am just wondering what are some of the major obstacles for me to eventually get a job in Vancouver? In other words, would osgoode be at a disadvantage when competing against UBC and UVic students in Vancouver? I would really appreciate any input. Thank you!
  11. I understand they were still evaluating back on the 21st, so there would still be movements on the waitlist since it was not fixed. But it just surprised me even now there can still be downward movements after they have given so many of us a specific ranking. It's just not how I would normally expect a waitlist to work
  12. I guess you could just reply to the same email, but I started a new one. I don't think there is going to be any difference tho
  13. Yes, I emailed them 2 weeks ago and again yesterday. Because I am quite anxious, I think these emails are going to be a weekly Monday ritual from now on
  14. So something interesting just happened to me. Apparently my waitlist ranking has been lowered by 2 during the past week (from 37 to 39). I just didn't think it is possible to get worse and worse on the waitlist by this point, because shouldn't the waitlist has been fixed by the end of May and it is only possible to move upwards? I mean that is just how waitlists work right? Or maybe I am just being ignorant about how law schools work with their waitlist. So I am curious if anyone has any similar experience and I would really appreciate if anyone could provide any possible explanation regarding a downward movement on the waitlist. Thank you!
  15. Hi everyone! I emailed UBC about my ranking on the waitlist and they told me that I am currently ranked 37th, which has definitely given me some hope. I am just curious if anyone might have any rough idea about how much the waitlist moves typically. I also found an older post (the one below) where someone summarized how much the waitlist has moved from 2008 to 2013. But I would greatly appreciate if anyone has any more recent data. Thank you in advance!
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