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  1. Rejected this week! CGPA 3.61, L2 3.77 LSAT 153, 156, 160 (Jan)
  2. Accepted today CGPA 3.61, L2 3.77 LSAT 153, 156, 160 (Jan)
  3. Accepted today April 8th CGPA 3.61, L2 3.77 LSAT 153, 156, 160 (Jan)
  4. Accepted today April 7th!!! CGPA 3.61, L2 3.77 LSAT 153, 156, 160 (Jan)
  5. Rejected on March 21st LSAT 160 CGPA 3.61 B3 3.77 Wrote the optional essay
  6. I have family up there and and going to head up the day before. Unfortunately it was the closest testing center to me when I registered and there isn't anything else available to change too right now, it was that or Windsor and I'm in York region!
  7. They told me they can't be certain that anything will open up so I ended up just signing up for Sudbury....road trip it is.
  8. In the same boat for the Toronto area! I'm on hold with the LSAC right now to request opening up a testing center nearby! If we all call hopefully they will open something up.
  9. Based on the scores from your practice test I think rewriting is a really solid option. Plus you've already had the experience of what test day is like, so that should hopefully mean you are less nervous the 2nd time around. Test day is so close and you've come this far I think you should just give it your best shot! It can't hurt you at UofC and UBC, and I highly doubt you'd do so poorly that you would have to be worried about UofA. Good luck!
  10. Does taking the Jan lsat actually severely diminish your chances of getting into schools for the following fall? I know a lot of law schools recommend taking before Jan.
  11. I am not feeling as ready for my November LSAT as I would like but am going to take it and see how I do. In the meantime I would like to have the Jan LSAT as a fall back. As I would need to register for the Jan LSAT before I will get my Nov score - do you think it would look bad if I called schools to tell them I was taking the Jan LSAT now? Also if Nov goes better then expected would it look bad to then again call them and tell them I am no longer taking Jan (in order to get my application looked at sooner)? Thanks for any tips or advice
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