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  1. What did you list as your level of French proficiency?
  2. How do they feel about retiring army sergeants who worked UN adjacent though?
  3. Thanks! Much appreciated. Hopefully the admissions board agrees with you enough to overlook my aggressively average 3.1 GPA
  4. I applied to McGill Law for Fall 2020 as a mature student and was wondering what my fellow mature students are like. Where do you come from, what are your backgrounds, why law, why now, etc. I'm Canadian military, coming up on eight years with two deployments under my belt. Lots of work with NGOs, some work with local authorities in disaster relief. Looking to switch careers because my back and knees shouldn't hurt as much as they do for my age (only partially kidding). No LSAT due to work schedule this year, strong PS and LoRs. What about you?
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