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  1. Accepted today B2: 4.0 154 no sask connection
  2. Waitlisted today cgpa 3.78 L2- 3.99 154 Decent ECs (i think lol)
  3. This is probably a silly question but if we’ve been accepted we don’t have to submit our winter grades correct? it doesn’t mention it on the website or in bear tracks and it didn’t say I had a conditional offer but I like to stress myself out wondering if I’m missing something lol anyone has some insight on this?
  4. I applied in September but had to send in fall grades in January! I hope that answers your question lol!
  5. Accepted today! L2-3.99 154 good ecs I think! will be declining for u of a so an extra spot will be opening up!
  6. Got the email today tough one but with my lsat score not much of a surprise! Super thankful I got accepted to u of a yesterday so I’m less sad! L2 3.99 154 ECs: president of a club at my school, I work 2 jobs during school with one being as a legal assistant, the other job serving and I volunteer at the food bank
  7. Just got the offer!!! L2: 3.99 Lsat: 154
  8. Accepted today!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!! 154 3.75 cumulative olsas 3.99 L2
  9. I’ve been using gpa x 22 + lsat that I found in a previous thread! I’ve been calculating the index of those already accepted to see how much it has to drop before I’m in lol desperate times 😂
  10. Hey! does anyone know how u of a rounds gpa? I’m trying to manage my expectations by calculating the index, but I’m not sure how many decimals they go to or if they round up? for context, I have a 3.985 with a rough lsat so every decimal point counts lol! Would they round to 3.9 or 4.0 or stick with 3.985? thanks in advance!!
  11. Accepted- saw offer on OLSAS L2: 3.985 Lsat: 154
  12. Got the email today! L2: 3.98 cgpa:3.6 ish lsat: 154 I think decent ECs!
  13. JD. I applied for both but dual JD still says incomplete!
  14. Thank you!!! So nice to know going into finals lol! I've been working two jobs during my degree with one as a legal assistant at an immigration firm, so I definitely worked that in with social justice! My other job is serving and I'm the President of a club at my university. I also have a research article in the works but nothing published yet!!
  15. Thank you!! 10:30 MST and yes, general!
  16. Just got the email today! L2: 3.98/4.0 CGPA: 3.68/4.0 (OLSAS calculation) LSAT: 154 Surprised with my low LSAT so hoping it wasn't an administrative error lol!
  17. I have almost the exact same stats and I’m hoping that the gpa makes up for it! I think we have a shot at the very least at getting an offer in April/May
  18. Just curious what the odds are with high gpa versus very low lsat since I applied for 2020. softs: I am a legal assistant, have second job while in school, president of school club, and other volunteer work. Also, mentioned in my PS writing article up for publication but nothing solid yet. what do you think?? Wait list? B2 is also L2 but waiting for this semester’s grades
  19. Congratulations!!! Are you currently enrolled in classes? Just curious if since they are so ahead they accept students who still need to send transcripts in January
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