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  1. J’ai reçu ma lettre aujourd’hui mais je vais refuser bonne chance à tous !
  2. I never studied in french before and completed my undergrad at McGill and Master' at Queens . My writing french is not the best as i was never schooled in french. On the other hand, my oral french and comprehension is pretty good as I have been living in Montreal my whole life. It's an easy exam if you are able to read and comprehend texts in french and recognize basic spelling mistakes you should be fine. I got a really good grade yet, i wouldn't consider myself as being very good in french. If i were you i would buy the TFI textbook which has examples and is very similar to the exam. Secondly, try reading books in french or the newspaper to recognize how words are written and used. if you prepare and follow the advice above i think ou should be fine.
  3. Hi I’m an anglophone student and I was accepted! I passed the tfi exam in January but I was called to complete a written exam given by udem. I was accepted 2 weeks ago! So I don’t think they are waiting on the tfi to accept or refuse candidates
  4. Sorry i will probably accept**
  5. I received the 300$ in my account today. I will probably refuse and go to Sherbrooke in the dual program (common law/civil law) my stats: 3.63/4 from McGill
  6. J’ai reçu ma lettre admission aujourd’hui! À Sherb ! Gpa 3.6/4.0 mcgill
  7. I received the same email. Does it mean we are accepted ? It seems to say you have to write it following admission.
  8. Admitted on November 22 with COOP 3.63/4.0 industrial relations undergrad from McGill. I am waiting on other schools before i make a decision.
  9. 3.7 à la maîtrise
  10. 3.63/4 Bac en RI de McGill J'ai ete accepteé a ottawa mais j'attend toujours udem udes et Mcgill
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