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  1. Queen's has released the master timetable for 2020-2021. It shows which courses are remote and which are in-person, for anyone who's interested. https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/academic-program/course-information/timetable
  2. And I heard early August.... any bets? 😆
  3. Mine took less than a week. I imagine if you have any credit issues or hiccups it might take a bit longer, but it shouldn't be too long at all.
  4. Yes there is! Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2431647587148764 They will only admit you to the group if you've provisionally or firmly accepted your offer.
  5. Just checked and I got the email earlier today! cGPA: 3.48 L2: 3.65 LSAT: 160 That rounds out all my acceptances for this cycle. I'm honestly kind of surprised I've heard from everywhere already because my stats aren't amazing by any means, but it perhaps highlights that soft factors are still quite valuable (Master's degree, autobiographical sketch was nearly full, took a few years away from school to gain professional experience, etc.)
  6. Accepted today through uoZone cGPA: 3.48 L2: 3.65 LSAT: 160 Good luck everyone!
  7. In through Student Centre! cGPA: 3.48 L2: 3.65 LSAT: 160 Some hope for lower cGPA people who might be worried :)
  8. Accepted this morning! L2: 4.01/4.3 (including MA marks, which I believe Dal considers) LSAT: 160 Ontario resident, applied in late October. Congrats everyone! :)
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