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  1. I've been scratching my head for weeks trying to write a good personal statement. The part I'm most tripped up over is trying to write (in a not cheesy way) how I overcame XYZ challenges and how I am now without reading like a TED talk. I ideally want to dedicate as much writing space to writing about my accomplishments as possible, but struggling to do that. Especially those who found success writing their PS for the Discretionary category, what are the approaches you took? Any advice?
  2. So I had no luck applying to law school last year. I'm studying for my LSAT again and re-applying and hopefully I'll have better results! I had a couple of questions that I can't seem to find answers to and would appreciate any insight: 1. When you mark that you're a re-applicant on your application form, what does that exactly indicate (considering how there's no additional section on the applications that ask me to address my reasons for re-applying)? 2. Do law schools I'm applying to have a record of my old application and compare it to my new one? 3. Are there specific things that a re-applicant is recommended to mention in their application? (i.e. make reference to their old application, addressing their rejection) 4. Does re-applying to the same school increase/decrease/has no change in the chances you'll get accepted?
  3. Yes, I suppose you're right about that! I don't know if Queens even rejected anyone (according to this forum)? But at least for Osgoode, yeah.
  4. I'm worried. My B2 is a 3.8 and my I have a 160 for my LSAT but I've yet to hear back. I've read a handful of people getting accepted with lower stats and so I wonder if there is an issue with the rest of my application. To be honest, I thought I would hear back from Queens by now, and I don't know if I should contact them? Wait? Give up? Are spaces already filled? I'm waitng on Osgoode as well--I've been in queue since December 18th. Is anyone else in a similar position?
  5. It's ~3.72 on the 4.0 scale with drops from the B.C. schools (3.72 for Allard, 3.68 for UVic).
  6. Yes I applied to both, along with Queen's and Osgoode.
  7. I just got my OLSAS GPA today (3.32) and I was really shocked about how low it was. I am a B.C. resident, and have only calculated my cGPA with drops for both UVic and Allard (3.72), and thought my OLSAS cGPA would be more or less around the same, but I was very wrong. My LSAT is currently a 160. I am waiting for my November score, and I'm also re-taking it in January. I applied to Queen's and Osgoode, and I was really hoping that I had a shot at Osgoode but now my chances seem really bleak, considering how I already considered it pretty bleak when I thought I had a 3.7 cGPA. I filled out Part B of the application and had good ECs and Refs, but I don't know if that impacts things too much. As for Queen's, my B2 is a 3.54. I've been studying really hard for my LSAT feeling motivated by upping my chances, but as of today I feel as though I don't even have a chance to get in anywhere even if I manage increasing my LSAT mark up by a couple points. So yeah, I just wanted to get it out that I'm kinda sad. That's all.
  8. Yeah that's what mine says too. I graduate at the end of the month and I'm taking the Nov/Jan LSAT, so I'm thinking that's probably why my application is put to the side for now.
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