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  1. Yes, I suppose you're right about that! I don't know if Queens even rejected anyone (according to this forum)? But at least for Osgoode, yeah.
  2. I'm worried. My B2 is a 3.8 and my I have a 160 for my LSAT but I've yet to hear back. I've read a handful of people getting accepted with lower stats and so I wonder if there is an issue with the rest of my application. To be honest, I thought I would hear back from Queens by now, and I don't know if I should contact them? Wait? Give up? Are spaces already filled? I'm waitng on Osgoode as well--I've been in queue since December 18th. Is anyone else in a similar position?
  3. It's ~3.72 on the 4.0 scale with drops from the B.C. schools (3.72 for Allard, 3.68 for UVic).
  4. Yes I applied to both, along with Queen's and Osgoode.
  5. I just got my OLSAS GPA today (3.32) and I was really shocked about how low it was. I am a B.C. resident, and have only calculated my cGPA with drops for both UVic and Allard (3.72), and thought my OLSAS cGPA would be more or less around the same, but I was very wrong. My LSAT is currently a 160. I am waiting for my November score, and I'm also re-taking it in January. I applied to Queen's and Osgoode, and I was really hoping that I had a shot at Osgoode but now my chances seem really bleak, considering how I already considered it pretty bleak when I thought I had a 3.7 cGPA. I filled out Part B of the application and had good ECs and Refs, but I don't know if that impacts things too much. As for Queen's, my B2 is a 3.54. I've been studying really hard for my LSAT feeling motivated by upping my chances, but as of today I feel as though I don't even have a chance to get in anywhere even if I manage increasing my LSAT mark up by a couple points. So yeah, I just wanted to get it out that I'm kinda sad. That's all.
  6. Yeah that's what mine says too. I graduate at the end of the month and I'm taking the Nov/Jan LSAT, so I'm thinking that's probably why my application is put to the side for now.
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