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  1. Thanks for the response. How would you say it stacks up to, say, taking 5 undergraduate courses (not sure how you did your degree)? Are the courses far harder than undergraduate ones (I'm assuming yes)? Thanks
  2. Sorry if I'm reading it wrong, so do we do 7 classes at once in first year? Not including Legal Process? (Constitutional, Criminal, LLP, Contracts, Property, Torts, Legal research and writing).
  3. Anyone got their ranking yet? They said end of May, but it looks like that's not the case anymore?
  4. Yeah that's what I assumed, just thought maybe people would know in general since it seems a fairly universal problem
  5. If we are to accept our offer they tell us to send updated transcripts officially by March 31st at the latest. However, obviously, we don't get our final grades for this term until somewhere in April. Does that mean we just send 2 transcripts; one when you accept before March 31st and one when we officially get our final grades?
  6. Got the call today, cGpa around 3.8-3.85, LSAT 166
  7. I've heard of people doing this for UBC, is this possible for Uvic too?
  8. It could be that for some reason they decided they needed to review your application, maybe you weren't above the auto admit index threshold? Or some other holdup
  9. Also, if so, anyone know historically when people submitting in October etc. start to get offers as I see September applicants are getting in now...
  10. Do they give out acceptances based on when you submitted your application? So if two people are both above the auto admit index they accept the person who submitted in September before they accept the person who submitted in October?
  11. Hey thanks, same to you. Just wondering when you submitted cause I submitted around end of October so I'm assuming I would get an offer in January maybe? Not sure. You got any insight on that end?
  12. With all the drops UVic gives, it might be closer to 3.85. Not sure how the whole auto admission index works... Just trying to see if I have a good chance. Thanks in advance
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