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  1. Hello everyone, I am a prospective law student currently finishing my 3rd year. I just wanted to quickly reach out and get any opinions people may have. Currently I am at a 3.7 GPA and expect to continue the same results for the next year for my L2. On my transcript though I have 4 W's. These carry no academic penalty and are just simply withdrawals as I dropped them before the deadline so they have no effect on my GPA. The first 2 came in my first year as I was planning on transferring and these courses did not transfer over. Ultimately I decided to stay at my school and in my program. The 3rd one came in second year and the 4th one is from the current semester. The reason for the 3rd one was because I just had poor time management skills. No if, ands, or buts. The 4th was because the material was just completely over my head. I took this class knowing how difficult it was and continued to do very poorly in it, which ultimately lead to the W. I'm thinking I can address the first two in my PS but the last 2 I am unsure of. I will not have any more W's until I graduate. My question really is how negatively will this affect my application? Keeping my GPA where it is and having a decent LSAT combined with my above average EC's how much will this hinder me? Sorry for such a long question I am just a nervous!
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