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  1. You have about 4 classes during the fall semester every 2ish weeks or so to prepare you and give you an idea of what professional responsibility is. In January, you’re in class for 3-4 hours every day for 3-3.5 weeks. There’s a lot of hands-on experience you gain from this and there’s quite a few in-class simulations. It’s fun if you enjoy applying what you learn but there are a lot of small assignments that go along with the intensive course.
  2. I don’t think it will be too difficult to manage. However, that depends entirely on your study habits and how disciplined you are. If you can follow a structured schedule well and know that you can keep up with school work, I think it will be good to have something to do on the side where you may need a break from studying or some form of socialization. Keep in mind that certain professors require your presence in class even if it’s online for participation marks. The idea of online classes is appealing because I think a lot of students have the misconception that they don’t have to attend the classes and can catch up using the PowerPoint slides or notes provided. If you’re certain that there are no other commitments available to you (ex: I’m going to be volunteering and on a student committee, albeit at a distance the next year) then consider working a job as your option. If your school somehow finds a way to incorporate ‘virtual networking’ or if you have the chance to join clubs/committees online, I think that’s a valuable resource to consider. Mainly because it will be difficult to connect with your incoming colleagues, so being involved in a school club will give you the chance to make friends, connect with upper year students (which I have to say is the best thing that happened to me in first year) and have some school involvement you can add to your resume. You can of course work and be on a committee at the same time, but again that depends entirely on how you manage your workload. If it’s a toss up between either, then of course weigh out the pros/cons of the options you have. Most importantly, assess how you’re feeling with everything going on and then decide. 1L is an adjustment to begin with, but having to adjust given current circumstances, it may be tougher than what students have gone through in the past. Good luck! Feel feee to reach out if you have any other questions
  3. I just wanted to provide my input having moved to Ottawa myself and going through 1L there (I’m going into 2L now). Stay with your family!! It’s worth it, because living alone is so isolating on it’s own, but coupled with the fact that you won’t be able to meet your colleagues in the traditional sense through in-person orientation or social events, it may be really hard to adjust. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming you won’t be having in-person pub nights or social events to kick off the year. If you read the FAQ closely, they do mention that distance/online classes will be available for the entirety of the semester, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about classes transitioning to in-person because you already are guaranteed a complete semester online. I live alone and my family is in a completely different province, so when classes ended because of COVID-19, I was home within a week because it’s honestly quite difficult to be away from your loved ones during this time. Not to mention, law school is expensive to begin with, it’ll be worth cutting down on your expenses. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me 😊
  4. Thank you both for the help! It's a lot clearer now what I'm supposed to do. I thought everything I was writing was supposed to be my own words, I didn't realize it involved summarizing the case itself, so I think I understand it better now.
  5. Hi everyone! I'm starting my first actual writing assignment that is worth marks and it is a case commentary on a case of my choice we've covered in class. I'm not sure where to begin or what is expected in a case commentary (my prof has explained this poorly, despite asking them for clarification and help). They told the class to 'just google an example', and even them I'm not sure what's expected. Can anyone give tips on what to do or what a case commentary looks like? If anyone has any examples of previous ones they've done they're willing to share, I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
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