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  1. Accepted Friday morning! CGPA 3.85/ LSAT 164 Will be accepting :)
  2. Has anyone received an acknowledgement of receipt type e-mail from Osgoode? I submitted on the 30th and nothing!
  3. hi! I know this may be super unhelpful given that it is rather anecdotal... but to give you some perspective, I was scoring about 5 points lower than what I ended up receiving on the September LSAT just a week before! I was really rather discouraged by my PTs but didn’t let it get to my head in hopes of test-day adrenaline being on my side. And it worked! I think this is underestimated but your mindset matters SO much on a test like the LSAT. Given that you CAN achieve a 167, you have the skills! You just need to make sure you can maintain that while timed and be in the RIGHT mindset when you’re writing the test. If that means taking a few days off, you should do that! Especially the day before the exam. I think burnout = discouragement and that’s the last thing you want near test day. Any studying I did the day before the exam, I did not score to avoid feeling discouraged. Also, what I think really really helped me was doing a few questions from each section (one game, one RC passage, and 5 LR) the morning of/ 15-20 mins before the exam as a warm-up so my brain wasn’t wasting that time (I.e. going into analytical mode) during my first section! Of course, I did not score it. I’m applying this year and this process has been so painful. If I can be of any help to someone, PM me! I hope this is helpful anyhow
  4. Thanks for the reassurance - I did talk about why McGill! I guess no one knows for sure who will be accepted but this makes me feel better/ gives me hope
  5. bilingual! french immersion, DELF B2, worked in bilingual environments. I've also lived in various countries due to displacement when I was younger
  6. hi! I have a 3.85 CGPA and a 164 LSAT - my PS is pretty good (I think), decent LORs (I think) and lots of work/ volunteer experience in both Canada and abroad (worked with an NGO in Canada and abroad in fields related to law, worked on various government of Canada files, volunteered with newcomer/ immigrant organizations and a local environmental organization in addition to some minor positions on campus clubs). Generally, I think my stats and ECs are okay - but I took two law classes and got an A- in both in my undergrad :/ will this affect how they perceive I will do in law school?
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