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  1. Hi, mine only said received after I filled out the academic history part of the application! I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or not, but as soon as I finished that it showed up on document tracking!
  2. My transcript has been received, but I'm not seeing where I can look at my calculated GPA. Can anyone help with this? Cheers!
  3. Currently in my third year undergrad and I really want to go to UOttawa as it's close to home. 82 average in my first two years and probably going to graduate with around an 83 or 84. (so a 3.7 I think, depending on scale) Haven't written the LSAT yet but aiming for around a 165. EC's above average: Poli Sci society vice president, Model UN, Vote Crew for the past federal election, Exec on the Orientation Crew, Research Assistant for a Poli Sci prof, Volunteer experience in the community (Daycare, Schools etc.) Also writing an honours thesis next year. It's still early but I'm just trying to gauge my chances.
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