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  1. Thanks so much for your response! Did you already have a decent-sized following prior to starting your practice?
  2. Accepted off the waitlist today! So ecstatic!! Can't believe I'm posting here! 79.8 confirmed CGPA 166 LSAT Regular category
  3. It went to voicemail a few times for me, but eventually I got through around noon.
  4. They never said specifically that they have ranked it but they did say I'm "fairly high" up on it and that my personal statement "bumped me up." So maybe they do have a tentative ranking?
  5. Hi guys, For what it's worth, I just called Allard and they said they have read my personal statement and that it bumped up my position in the waitlist. So yes, they do read! Edit: Approximately 91 index!
  6. Thanks for the update! Your index is quite high! I'm so curious about how much the personal statements influenced the acceptances and rankings this year. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for that link! Good to know that it is possible to complete the degree in the same timeframe. I think doing the 1L coop and then dropping out for OCIs sounds like a good option. All of these coop options require working in the spring and/or fall term which is when I presume the non-coop classmates will be studying. So I'm definitely still curious what kind of an impact that would have on classmate relationships...
  8. I am also curious about co-op - hopefully someone here can share some insight. Would it be harder to make/keep friends in law school if you do co-op? As in, would you feel left out coming back to class from a co-op term? Also, I believe doing co-op would extend the time it takes to complete your degree by one term. Does this have a negative impact on finding articling positions? Or do some people only do co-op for 1L, 2L?
  9. I think that is good news for you guys. I am a first time applicant (non-UBC student) who applied in Sept and I do not have a school tracking number.
  10. Just got the call as well! Omg I can't believe I'm actually posting in an "Accepted" thread right now!! LSAT: 166 CGPA: 3.62 I'm so excited!!!!!
  11. Good luck! I'm waiting for my score to come tomorrow morning as well. Scary stuff!
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