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  1. Posting late, email was received April 26, 4:54pm
  2. Rejected yesterday. Applied General. Notified by email, portal still says pending. cGPA: 3.27, b2/l2 around 3.4, LSAT 165, 166.
  3. Me neither! Glad I'm not the only one at least...
  4. Waitlisted. @Lawhopeful5683 is right - it only appeared in my Student Center not My Communications where I had been checking. OLSAS cGPA: 3.27, b2/l2 around 3.4, LSAT 165, 166. Ecs: lots of volunteerism, CSC, CFA, 3 years legal work experience.
  5. I was referred mid January I think. I didn’t get a notification or anything but that’s when I noticed my status had changed. Applied October 31.
  6. Just got accepted to the JD program! OLSAS cGPA: 3.27, b2/l2 around 3.4, LSAT 165, 166. Ecs: lots of volunteerism, CSC, CFA, 3 years legal work experience. Got an email and updated on the Windsor site. First acceptance; still waiting on Ryerson, Osgoode, Queens, Western, and UOttawa.
  7. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but I emailed admissions about the waitlist and their response included this “Please note, however, that the waitlist is unlikely to move significantly in the coming weeks.“
  8. I’m leaning towards doing this and taking a full 5 course fall semester. From the sounds of Dreamchaser’s post it will make a measurable difference to Western and UOttawa, and Queens if I take a winter semester and submit those grades afterwards as well. Thanks! I have decided to submit the issues to UOttawa admissions in case they will consider it for this year and will include the information in my 2021 application. My grades didn’t drop significantly but what happened set me back significantly from achieving that upswing in grades that I should have in my later years.
  9. I had some personal issues through my final two years of school but I’m not sure if I want that to be a part of my application.
  10. That’s great to hear - I will hold out a small glimmer of hope for this year. Assuming I am not accepted this year, your recommendation is to apply more broadly and not to take more coursework, correct? I’m happy to do that as I really want to avoid waiting to apply as a mature student if possible. I would rather go out of province than continue to wait. Thanks so much, @Luckycharm!
  11. Yes, absolutely! Is there something special about that date? Do I need to let the school know I am available to start if I am accepted after then?
  12. I’ll just say I applied General to Queens, Western, Osgoode, UBC, and UOttawa with a 3.27 CGPA, 3.4 ish B2/L2, and a 166 LSAT and I didn’t get in anywhere.
  13. I applied General for September 2020 to Queens, Western, Osgoode, Ottawa, and UBC; and was rejected everywhere except Ottawa where I was waitlisted. My CGPA is 3.27, I think my B2/L2 is 3.4 ish, and my LSAT scores are 165 and 166. I’m 3 years out of undergrad but had decent ECs, great post-grad volunteer experience, and various other financial accreditations and am currently working for an in house legal department. I want to apply again for 2021 and I know I need to improve my PS but I’m looking for advice about whether it would be worth it for me to quit my job and take a full undergraduate course load online for fall and possibly winter to improve my B2/L2. I am waiting to hear from the law school admissions teams about how this move could impact my application but I would also like to hear what the forum has to say. I didn’t put enough work in to my undergrad studies because I had no plans for any further education. Terrible excuse I know, but that’s why I believe going back and taking more courses could really be beneficial because I believe I could get a much higher gpa by applying myself. Obviously nothing is guaranteed and maybe I will come out with the same results but I truly believe if I take more classes I could come out with a gpa closer to 3.8 for the new courses. I’m super open to applying more widely for 2021 if I’m being too optimistic, quitting my job to increase my gpa, or anything that could help. My biggest concern is that I don’t want to wait and be rejected again, so I’m open to any guidance other than to wait for another two years and apply as a mature student. If you have any insight or experience in this area I would appreciate any help I can get. I would even consider hiring an application consultant if those are helpful, though from what I’ve read here it sounds like they’re generally not worth the investment. Thank you!
  14. Waitlisted today cGPA 3.27, L2/B2 3.39, LSAT 165 (Jan), 163 (Oct). Good luck everyone!
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