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  1. In today cGPA: 3.73 L2: 3.75-3.8? (not sure) LSAT: 154 (October), 160 (Jan) Not sure if I'll be accepting or not yet. Congratulations to everyone and good luck to those waiting ❤️
  2. Accepted yesterday, on RAMSS (I think? Can't open the letter, but it says approval so idk... anyone else have this?) cGPA: 3.73, L2 probably about the same, maybe up to 3.8 LSAT: 154 (October), 160 (January) Nursing student from Northern Ontario, research, policy writing, nothing overly spectacular honestly. Will be rejecting for sure. Good luck everyone!
  3. Crying of happiness, can't believe I'm posting! Accepted Feb 12th, didn't notice until today. cGPA: 3.73 LSAT: 154 (October), 160 (January) 4th year nursing student from Northern Ontario with critical care background, extensive research and policy writing experience, and lots of volunteer work with marginalized youth. So humbled, likely accepting as uOttawa was my top choice!
  4. I think you mean mode.... The mode is the number that comes up the most in a data set... The median is the middle point of the data set where 50% are above it and 50% are below it. And Queens would admit just as many people with scores less than 162 as people with scores greater than 162 exactly because it is the median...
  5. Congratulations! When did you write your LSAT?
  6. Congratulations! Were you general or access? Also when did you write your LSAT?
  7. I just was wondering if anyone had any advice for me since I'm considering rewriting the LSAT in February. My top choice for law school is Ottawa, with Queen's and Western tied for second. I already registered to write the February one, but given that I'm still in school and balancing placement I'm not sure if I'll have a lot of time to really practice. Also, I was verrrryyy stressed during the three week waiting period to get my results and I'm not sure I want to go through that again. But, I know that Western considers the Feb LSAT, so that's my biggest reason for rewriting it (in case I don't get accepted into the other schools). Plus, I did already pay so there's that. The two weeks before I wrote the Jan LSAT, I was PTing between 164-167 (don't know how I jumped that high), so I'm kind of optimistic that I might be able to get that score... And I wasn't sure if my LSAT score would impact if I can get a better scholarship if I get in? cGPA: 3.73 L2: 3.75-3.79? (Not sure how to calculate it really, since I also took summer courses a lot) LSAT: 154 (October), 160 (January) Any feedback would be really helpful, I'm really stumped
  8. So it would be better to just take more undergrad courses, even if they don't count towards a degree or anything?
  9. Although your GPA is pretty impressive, I think you'd be at an advantage lol! I think everyone thinks their EC's are above average that's really hard to measure. I wrote about being an HCP from a visible minority group who is also an immigrant. I just talked about how I want to improve the health of those in my community using the law pretty much. Nothing earth shattering tbh...
  10. I think I could yes! Yes, I would really go anywhere, I would be so happy to just go to law school. Ottawa is my top choice but I'll take what I can get lol. I'll keep working at the LSAT and see what happens If I don't get in this round, would it be worthwhile to do an MA or something to boost my GPA so that the LSAT is kinda overlooked...? Or is that not a thing lol
  11. Still more than what I expected lol... Would you have any advice for how to strengthen my application for next year, assuming this year isn't likely? Thank you btw
  12. Wasn't planning on making a chances post but with every PT I get more and more discouraged... cGPA is 3.72 (I think L2 would be around the same), and my LSAT is 154. I realized I wanted to become a lawyer a little late... I'm in my 4th year of my undergrad studying nursing and didn't really plan on attending law school initially. As I got more involved in policy/advocacy work and research I found myself enjoying it more than bedside nursing and felt that I can have a bigger impact on people in my community, an extremely under-serviced area of Northern Ontario, if I pursue health law. I only wrote the LSAT once in October and got the 154, and really feel like I've plateaued since. I've applied to Ottawa, Queens, Western, Windsor, and Ryerson... do I have any chance anywhere? What should I do to improve my chances? I'm rewriting in January but I'm not expecting that I'm going to score significantly higher, if at all. Any advice at all would be really appreciated... Thanks everyone!
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