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  1. Thank you kindly. Best wishes!
  2. Hello, What books are you guys using to study for the LSAT? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Selling Power Score Trilogy 2017 eds. including all bibles and work books. Like new condition. PM for more details. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, I hope everyone is keeping well. I am looking to write the LSAT in the upcoming year. Assuming the LSAT Flex is offered, what are your tips for studying for said exam? I am looking for some insight on the following: - Best study materials/books -Prep tests -Time to allot for study etc. All feedback is welcome and appreciated.
  5. This is very true and no I am not an older student. Its a matter of being currently enrolled in an overgrad program and having other licensing exams. I would like to do my LSAT in January and apply for September 2020 if at all possible but I understand my chances will be lower as a result of rolling admissions. So its a lot to have to postpone other obligations for a chance- one thats already weakened as a result of rolling admissions etc
  6. Correct me if i’m wrong, it is my understanding that schools including Leicester have a JD pathway option where there are less NCA exams to be completed. Certainly, I do agree with you but its a matter of having a more guaranteed acceptance and not impeding with other licensing exams I have at this time.
  7. Im currently enrolled in a graduate certificate program in paralegal studies which peaked my interest and while im taking some time off work i would prefer to continue my studies. Unfortunately i have no time to write the LSAT nor wait another year for admissions!
  8. Would anyone care to reflect on their experience with UK law school, OSAP, and the accreditation process once back in Canada? Further, what are some good Canadian-based options in the UK that offer JD pathway? I have a pretty decent GPA (~A) with a BAH, in the midst of completing a graduate certificate & solid LOR from a professor i have had three times who knows my demeanour fairly well to reflect. Have also had employment related to the field of law and internship. please advise of any tips/insight/experiences. Very curious. thanks for reading!
  9. Hi, The question relates to January LSATs and admissions rather than what I make of the LSAT - not underestimating and not undermining anybody’s efforts. I am curious as the whether anyone knows of any schools who accept based on a January LSAT or any schools where offers of admissions start past january so I am not affected by rolling admissions and classes filling up. thanks.
  10. Does anyone know how to convert YorkU GPA on a 4.0 scale? best regards
  11. Certain schools ask that it be uploaded under SAMS i.e. Ryerson
  12. what is the timeframe for accepting an offer of admission from a UK law school? Are international students charged deposits for securing their spot?
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