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  1. The personal statements are character limits, not word limits. Kill me.
  2. I realize neither one is ideal for biglaw. But which one has better placement, especially in Toronto?
  3. Not really. I've been working for 5 years but nothing special enough to give me a big boost. I was just hoping some distance between me and my grades would make them matter a bit less.
  4. All 4 years have around the same grades. L2 is about 2.7 and B2 is 2.8
  5. cGPA is 2.7, all 4 years have around the same grades. LSAT score is 172. I graduated in 2014, so I believe that qualifies me as being "mature". I'm getting very discouraged doing my research, as my chances for any school seem very slim. Does me being mature lessen the importance of my poor grades at all? I can't find any info on that, and it seems like the only hope that I have of being accepted. If I can't get into a school in Canada, I will go to the US, as I know I can get somewhere there with my LSAT... I would like to go to either Dalhousie, McGill, or an Ontario school. Are any of these schools an automatic no and I shouldn't even bother applying? Like is it even worth it to apply to Toronto, McGill or Osgoode? I really don't have 100s of dollars to waste on applications that have no chance of being successful. Thank you for any help. I really wish that I had actually gone to my classes during university.
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