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  1. Besides the site being down, apparently it takes a day or so for your RAMSS to work after you have initially made an account.
  2. Mine says Law-Hold. I'm assuming this is because they still need my grades for this semester?
  3. I just made my student account on Ryerson and I am trying to look at my application update. From what I gather, I should look at the "RAMSS" section of my student centre but it's not working for me. The pop-up comes up but it says "you are unable to authorize this requested page." Wondering if anyone else is having this problem? am i doing something wrong?
  4. Hi guys! Just wanted to know what you guys think about my stats and what my chances are looking like. CPGA: 74%(3.10/4.33) L2 GPA: 82% (3.80/4.33) LSAT: 153 (only write) really good EC's
  5. @Luckycharm OLSAS Gpa: CPGA: 3.3 L2: 3.7 B2: 3.7 B3: 3.3
  6. Can you guys please help me out here and tell me what my chances are looking like? Would be okay with any Canadian law school. Good EC's, fourth year undergrad student. Plan to re-write LSAT in November. last 2 year average is 82% (3.8/4.33) overall average 74% (3.10/4.33) LSAT score: 153 (only write)
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