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  1. Waitlisted earlier today. LSAT: 155 L2: 3.7 ish
  2. I’m not a current uOttawa student and I have a uozone account. That’s what I’ve been checking. I’m assuming all applicants have one but I don’t entirely remember how I set mine up since its been a while now 😫
  3. For those who are accepted, are you planning on accepting your offer? A simple yes or no would be very helpful
  4. Waitlisted this morning. LSAT: 155 L2: 3.7 (unconfirmed)
  5. Mine said that too. I was wondering the same thing though haha
  6. My email said “We do not disclose your position on the waitlist. Should a seat become available we will email you.”
  7. Does anyone know approx how many people get put on waitlist each year?
  8. Does anyone know how many spots TRU has for the incoming class this fall?
  9. Hi All, I am a Canadian JD applicant considering backup options in the USA. There are a few california law schools that I am interested in. Specifically UC Hastings & San Diego. How do these 2 schools compare to each other? What are the job prospects? Are they respected institutions in Canada? any insight on any of the “lower ranked” (i.e. not stanford/berkley/ucla) would be greatly appreciated! Any insight/advice on US law schools in general would also be appreciated i am a Canadian hoping to come back to Canada eventually but wouldnt mind making the move to the states long term. I have an LSAT of 155 and GPA 80%.
  10. Hi all! I have been placed on the waitlist at Manitoba. Does anyone know if there is a way to find out if one’s position on the waitlist has changed? Would admissions answer these types of questions?
  11. For those who are accepted, when is the deadline to accept (or decline) the offer?
  12. Hey! Was wondering if anyone knows how much a masters means when applying to law school. I.e. do law schools take your masters grades into account? Is it considered an asset to law schools? Is it better to do a masters or take a year off? anything anyone knows regrading the relationship between a masters degree and Law school would be helpful
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