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  1. Ryerson and Ottawa U (applied in mature category at Ottawa U). I think I have a more realistic chance at Ryerson.
  2. I am a mature applicant who graduated in 2013 and have worked in a law firm since. My grades are clearly not great but my ECs are pretty strong (Vice-President on the board of an NPO and significant legal experience), decent LSAT (I am rewriting in April aiming for a 170+ if I do not get in this cycle). What are my chances?
  3. Thank you! That puts me at ease for the moment.
  4. Hi, I have read that the "last update" date has changed throughout the process for some posters. My date still says October 4, 2019 - does this mean that they haven't even looked at my file yet? Also, I was asked by someone in the admissions to provide additional documentation, and they confirmed that it was added to my file on November 29th.
  5. Sorry capitalttruth, I am still confused about your stats, I am sure you have mentioned it before. You already have a masters and an undergrad right? But now taking more undergraduate courses? And these are going to be calculated into your OLAS CGPA calculation? Or is the idea that the schools will look at the grades as an additional document/transcript and see the upward trend? Correct me if I am wrong, please (because if I am wrong I will immediately begin taking additional undergraduate courses to boost my CGPA) but my understanding was that your first undergrad marks are what will be taken as official OLAS CGPA, all dropped classes and retakes included. Thanks!!
  6. According to an admissions coordinator at Queens, access files are assessed by a committee that sits in multiple sessions throughout the cycle. Access files are looked at in a more in depth manner and take longer to assess. New offers are sent out after each sitting. The bulk of the decisions are made form January to March. Access applicant make up approximately 20% of the class. Hope that helps!
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