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  1. If you don't mind me asking, did OLSAS also update?
  2. I logged into OLSAS and saw it yesterday morning. I didn't receive an email or anything. I wrote the LSAT in August!
  3. Accepted! CGpa 3.32 LSAT 165 First acceptance, so I'm incredibly excited!
  4. Did anyone else get an email to check the portal, today? The status on my application didn't change.
  5. I haven't seen my LSAT score update either. Does that populate in December?
  6. I emailed back in 2017 and I was told, "Osgoode looks at the cGPA of all post secondary transcripts"
  7. Hi Ryn or ZineZ! Have you had any applicants with more than one undergraduate degree? I completed a second undergraduate degree, and did significantly better in the second, than in the first. How would this be evaluated by Osgoode?
  8. Nothing specific, I made some poor decision, wasn't very organized. I decided in the end that I wanted to pull up my slack, so I did.
  9. Title pretty much says all my statistics, all GPAs have been converted to the OLSAS scale using the calculator. Didn't do so well in the beginning of my undergrad but as you can see there is a strong upward trend. I wrote the LSAT for the first time in July 2019 and decided to cancel the score. Thinking of applying within Ontario. What are my chances? (Note - I'm aware that UofT is out of reach. lol).
  10. Hi there! I have a question about how B3 is calculated at UofT! I received an email from admission which stated " look at your three best full time academic years towards your GPA. Full time means full course load (4 or 5 courses per academic year) and Academic year mean fall/winter sessions. Summer courses are reviewed but does not count in the GPA calculation" Can someone help me with understanding the definition of 'full time". I had some administration issues in one of my best academic years. And between fall AND winter I took 4 courses (1 in fall and 3 in winter). Would that be considered full time?
  11. Hi There, UofT hopeful here! I was wondering if any of you are currently in, or alumni of the combined JD/M.A (English) program. Do you have any feedback about the program? Did you find the combination of a law degree and masters degree beneficial? Is it worth it?
  12. Thanks! Given the rolling acceptance, I should probably wait until my second degree is completed. right?
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