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  1. update: I got approved! A paralegal I work with connected me with an amazing bank rep from scota in BC. I've gotten his permission to share his contact info, so if anyone would like it, DM me!
  2. hey guys, how do you think the COVID 19 will affect the timing to apply? I was going to wait a couple weeks to finish my application since i recently paid off my visa card (a few weeks ago) and I was just waiting for it to be reflected with the credit Bureau before I apply. However, now I'm not sure if the monthly reporting to the Bureau's will be delayed with the restricting of business operations.. also, I've heard that things will become more restricted in the days to come - this is only what I've heard and I'm not sure how valid this is!
  3. Hey guys.. not sure if this is the right place for this, but what do you guys think this means for those of us going into L1 in the fall? I'm supposed to be moving from BC to Halifax to attend Dal... obviously this will HOPEFULLY be rectified by then, but you never know.
  4. I was asking for representatives based on personal experience - as it has been noted in many forums, some reps advocate for applicants much more than others. However, thank you for sharing! Much appreciated.
  5. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had the contact info for any bank reps that really advocated for them for a PLOC. I'm really nervous about getting approved for one - I don't have someone who could co sign for me. I've never defaulted/ made late payments on a payments on my Visa card (the only indication of credit I have), but my credit utilization wasn't great. I wasn't aware that that was such a huge factor, and paid off my card completely since checking Equifax and seeing that it was affecting my score (on feb 29). I was advised by a friend who works in finance that once paying off my card (so Long that I have no defaults/ late payments on record), my score should go up in a couple months. My score isn't bad, but it is below the Canadian average. Hopefully I can bring it up in the upcoming months by keeping my card utilization at 0%. If you guys have any information on particular representatives that helped you, I would really appreciate the information! You can message me directly if that suits you. I will also note that I'm a BC resident and hoping for representatives in BC.
  6. Accepted last week! However, I will be accepting my offer to Dal & will be notifying TRU today. Congratulations everyone! CGPA: 3.54 OLSAS CGPA: 3.47 L2: 3.96 LSAT: 156 Strong personal statement and references. Also a lot of leadership (president and founder of legal association during my B.A.), volunteer, and work (paralegal/ LAA) experience. I also got my B.A. in legal studies. BC resident.
  7. Does anyone know if we’re required to send in any transcripts for this (spring) semester if we’ve already received an offer/ if our offer is contingent on this semester? im finishing off the last semester of my B.A. but I applied back in October (sent official transcript for that semester in December) and received my offer a few weeks ago. Just wondering!
  8. accepted a few days ago! CGPA: 3.54 OLSAS CGPA: 3.47 L2: 3.96 LSAT: 156 Strong personal statement and references. Also a lot of leadership (president and founder of legal association during my B.A.), volunteer, and work (paralegal/ LAA) experience. I also got my B.A. in legal studies. BC resident. CONGRATS EVERYONE !
  9. I recently received an offer of admission to Dal for 2020! I’m extremely excited and will be accepting the offer. does anyone have recommendations for finding housing or roommates? I’m a BC resident and I have never been to Halifax. I don’t drive so it would be ideal to live close to the university. any advice would be very much appreciated 😊.
  10. Thank you everyone. I got an offer yesterday - I guess it wasn't as awful as I thought! We'll see how the rest of the schools I have applied to interpret it. Thanks again!
  11. I got the call yesterday! over the moon OLSAS CGPA: 3.47 L2: 3.9 LSAT: 156 I was also very confident in my personal statement, and have a lot of work/ volunteer/ extra curricular experience. I believe my reference letters were quite strong. I am currently in the process of finishing my B.A. of Legal Studies (in my fourth year). GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! I cannot wait to meet you all
  12. Going over my personal statement I realize that I misspelt someones first name. In quoting someone and discussing their decision in a particular case that inspired me, I spelt their first name wrong. Really kicking myself in the butt for this because I have absolutely no idea how I goofed that up. Anyway, I've emailed all admissions to see if we can change this last minute .... I know we're heading into January now, but when I spoke to admissions last, all told me that my application would be on hold for review until the completion of my most recent (this fall) semester. So hopefully this means its not too late to rectify the mistake. Ugh, really disappointed with myself right now.
  13. so update: looks like OLSAS has not submitted one of my transcripts and my LSAT score, despite them receiving these docs well before the deadline. I am incredibly frustrated as this will influence all of my Ontario applications that I paid an insane amount for. I had to pay an additional $200 to use a system that can't even get things done correctly? I would have much rather done this on my own. Im pissed.
  14. Hey guys, just logged into Uwin, and it says application incomplete... not sure why as I sent in all required docs through OLSAS. does anyone else have this status?
  15. update: I was approved today! what a breath of relief!
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