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  1. I appreciate everyone for commenting. It means a lot to me for people to understand. Ultimately, it's difficult to talk to friends as everyone around me are scrambling to land a job after graduation. It feels like a race. I think I need to think about what my passions are and consider if Law is for me.
  2. I definitely want to stay in Canada. Preferably staying at home too because nothing is more important than my family. And I don't believe I will be indebt. My family is in a comfortable position to pay off my education. However, I do want to financially consider as I do not want to put any more financial burden on my parents. I believe I am able to apply for student loans if I do decide to study in Canada.
  3. Thanks for the advice. It gave me another perspective for sure.
  4. When I graduated from High school I ultimately decided to study law abroad in the UK. I am a third year undergrad and I have started to learn more about myself, in terms of ambition and career goals. The main reason why I wanted to study law abroad was for the experience of independency and study my desired subject. I did not want to go into business school mainly because I thought that having a legal background is far more advantageous than learning theories of business. However, after nearly three years of law school, I am unsure whether or not this career is for me. It seems like I will have to be climbing an uphill battle onwards. However, I do not know how I can handle this current situation. I come from a family background where neither of my parents or grandparents have any educational background. They have their small business and worked their ass off to put me in this spoiled situation. My grandparents really wants me to pursue postgrad studies in Law. At this moment in my life, being 20 years old, I have lost track of what I want to do in the future. I became less of an ambitious teenager, and am more aiming towards a steady job and hopefully start a family early. My optimistic goals in the field of law WAS to hopefully work at a small corporate/family firm and eventually start my own firm. BUT, after reading through forums and acknowledging the process of becoming a lawyer, I do not know If I have the passion to grind through. Not to mention, with a foreign degree, chances of me landing an articling job is next to zero (I am aware of all the employability problems). I apologize if this post seems like a rant, I think I have no where else to talk about my problems and have resorted to this forum. Does anyone know what I should do? And ultimately how I can reignite my passion in finding my career goal? I have no clue what I want to do with my future... and I am afraid.
  5. I am just wondering if u ever considered doing the master of law common law program at UBC? Currently, I am deciding on the three options but I'm still unsure.
  6. I have not. However, after reading over forum posts and advices from people, I am definitely considering it. Ultimately, I think that If i am able to find a job at a firm, regardless of my job title, It is ultimately better than going back to school. In my opinion, I personally do not think that law school teaches you how to become a lawyer, but they teach you theories of justice and logical thinking.
  7. Other than being interested in Law, I think studying abroad really taught myself a lot about myself. I lived at home for all my life, and being able to experience independency really changed the way I appreciate certain aspects of life.
  8. For sure. I am definitely thinking about my options and trying to solidify a realistic plan!
  9. I agree. I will definitely get into contact with you. Being able to talk to someone with similar challenges will definitely make things more clear.
  10. Thank you, I definitely will be willing to work my way up from doing adminstrative work into legal work. After understanding the harsh reality of the real world I definitely understand that I can't speed run life, but it's a slow staircase I have to climb. LLM common law is something I'm looking into. I think it will really put me to the test if I'm really capable of becoming a lawyer.
  11. Thank you, It seems to be my plan. I was just getting extremely hopeless from reading the forums, but I also believe many people are trying to work at mid size firms if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Hello, I am graduating with a three-year LLB degree in june. In short, I decided to study abroad out of a Canadian High School. When I come home, I understand that I will need to either do my NCA exams or apply for a Common Law Masters degree. However, I would like to know the likeliness of me landing an articling position or even a volunteer position at a law firm. I am not considering big law firms. I am aiming at small law firms in my local area. I have gone through the forums quite a bit, and I have not yet came across anyone who decided to work/article at a small firm. A firm with possibly 1-2 lawyers who do contract law. Is this a realistic path? I am hoping to first have the opportunity to pass the bar, work at a small law firm, before transitioning into something I desire. My other option is to take a masters in medical law. This is something I wish to do, but also understand that I will need to commit more time and money. And obviously face the reality of rejection. Are my options realistic? Thanks,
  13. Im currently looking at very small firms to begin my journey. But definitely not looking to spend three more years if i dont have to
  14. Im currently very 50 50 on it, i guess ill have to look into it more. Thanks though!
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