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  1. Most small groups and thematic courses also made group chats that were super helpful if you have questions regarding class work or class structure, or just want to chat with people in the exact same boat you're in. Being able to be a part of those chats is invaluable in my opinion.
  2. I'm pretty sure my statement of account didn't reflect anything until I was billed for the semester in August
  3. I went through my bank (CIBC), haven't heard of a specific uOttawa line of credit anywhere. I think most banks offer a professional student line of credit in some capacity. With CIBC they calculated X amount of dollars total for 4 years (3 JD 1 article), starting with 1/4 of that amount as my limit in 1L, and increasing every year. My limit encompasses tuition, books, fees, living expenses, etc. and is fairly generous. CIBC only requires me to pay interest until 1 year after articling. I've heard good things about Scotiabank and TD Professional student lines of credit and would recommend shopping around for rates at different banks.
  4. If you look up the courses under the search engine, they have a "Materials Used" section. I've found some of the textbooks for my courses there.
  5. Important to note Enrolment is June 18th @10 am EST for anyone in another time zone!
  6. Rejected yesterday via email Ontario resident, honours BA in USA cGPA: 3.9 L2: 4.0 LSAT: 159
  7. Accepted January 16th via email! cGPA: 3.92, L2/B2: 4.0 LSAT: 159 General category, Ontario resident.
  8. Accepted on the 9th of December! No email- only OLSAS and uozone cGPA: 3.96 LSAT: 159
  9. I am in the same boat as you. I definitely activated my account but don't recall making a user ID. I have tried a couple ID names I usually use and either get a response that it is not recognized or "security questions have not been set up", something I would have had to do to activate my account. I can change my password with my student number/access code, but have no way of finding my user ID to log into the portal. I've emailed Western asking and will keep you posted if I find a solution!
  10. Hello! In an automatic response I received from the school regarding another question I had, it included answers to FAQ including this one. It states: "Current students must wait until January before sending a transcript for their current institution. We need to see both your Fall 2019 grades, and your status with that institution up to December 31." Although somewhat open to interpretation I would assume offers for current students will not be made until Fall 2019 grades are received. With high stats they could very well hold a spot for you in anticipation of your transcript though!
  11. It took about a month after I sent mine for it to show. My transcripts were sent in early October, and I emailed asking about them in late October because I had the same worry. I received an automated email stating they were not starting to pair received transcripts to profiles (therefore removing it from your To-Do list) until after November 1st, with updates showing in the portal in mid to late November. I would assume they're just stuck in a backlog as it is a manual process. Definitely doesn't hurt to call and ask though!
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