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  1. I’m sad, for sure. I was really holding out hope. I’m not moving to Kamloops, but I live about an hour away right now, so I’m hoping to still possibly get together with classmates who are in the area! Hopefully this will be a bonding experience for everyone...
  2. I’d be interested in knowing where TRU said this as well. I’ve confirmed my acceptance for fall 2020 but haven’t heard anything in a couple weeks.
  3. I'm so happy for you! I have been rooting for you!
  4. I was accepted February 28 and had until March 28
  5. 26! I definitely wasn’t ready to go to law school before now. Imposter syndrome has already set in for me!
  6. I think @604wannabelawyer means that they will teleconference with others from the admissions committee to discuss special consideration applicants, not teleconferencing with the applicant (though I could be wrong).
  7. Good luck!! I hope you get one as well! 😊
  8. I'm in! LSAT: 156 (only write) GPA: 3.76/4.33 CGPA, 3.82/4.33 L2 Applied by early deadline, regular applicant Worked throughout undergrad in un-related field Mediocre ECs (sports, volunteering here and there, etc.)
  9. The email I got when I applied said that TRU uses your “most recent 20 undergrad academic courses to calculate your admissions GPA”.
  10. I never got an email either, and my application went “complete”, based on the website document tracker, on January 6 as well. Hopefully this is the norm!
  11. I’ve combed these threads and I’ve definitely seen the other way too! Let’s hope they are accepting both variation for both of our sakes!
  12. I applied end of October and still haven't received one... I got one that had the basic "thank you for your interest" with info about statement of interest, letters of reference and transcripts, but nothing regarding setting up an account...
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I don't think my age is enough to drastically set me apart.... thanks for the info though! Much appreciated
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