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  1. I have the same stats as you. Good luck my friend.
  2. Are you checking daily, weekly? It can easily drive you insane if you are constantly checking and I have made it a vow to myself to not check constantly. Good luck to everyone and have a safe and happy holidays!
  3. Just out of curiosity, where do you get this number from?
  4. I wanted to ask if you applied already because if you have, just be free and enjoy the time you have. No need to worry about things you cannot control Although, it seems like you are rewriting your LSAT, so best of luck you! Edit: Also your EC looks amazing!
  5. Still unable to log in after 24 hours
  6. Just got it today but unable to log in (says it will take up to 24 hours)
  7. Kind of crazy how some people are apparently queued for review and yet some of us still haven't received our emails yet (yes I have checked spam)
  8. Just relax. Honestly, I was kind of in the same boat before of worrying about the OLSAS conversion but what is done is done. Given my stats are slightly lower, but I've come to accept whatever happens, happens. Stressing about things you cannot control will only make you go crazy in the long run. *Just wanted to add, best of luck!
  9. Ah ok, best of luck to your masters degree! Hopefully we can be classmates in the future!
  10. @ArchivesandMueseums, how do you like Ottawa so far? Is first year as tough as they say?
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