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  1. Hey ppzz, I think you should honestly take a step back and listen to what everyone else is saying. Everyone has been telling you that your stats are great (which they are), but it's your English writing that is holding you back. It's apparent that your English writing skills have a lot left to be desired as it's not your first language. Just from reading your posts and comments, it's quite evident that this could be a potential glaring hole in your application. As for "I do not think they have any clue to know this", it will be extremely obvious if your personal statement is immaculate while your written sample is riddled with grammatical mistakes.
  2. I remember earlier this year we were talking about getting into law school. What a couple months it has been
  3. This might be the most asked question I have ever encountered as a prospective law student. "Why did you choose law"? I'm curious as to why some of you chose to go down this path. For the record, I don't think every answer has to be deep. It could be something as simple as "I want a career in law" or "law interests me".
  4. @Husns The Queen's admission coordinator just got back to me. In regards to the "other factors" they really didn't reveal much as they do not release any information on the current rankings. Said that they were "looking for well-rounded applicants and, especially due to the competitive nature of our program, this means that an applicant should have no holes in their application. Applicants need to have strong LSATs, GPAs, Good writing, strong references, and committed extra-curricular involvement or professional experience." However, if I didn't know this already they are "still sending out offers and will continue to do so until our class is full. We typically fill the last seats in our class in early to mid-June." Best of luck to you!
  5. I understand your frustration, I really do. However, I have a hard time believing that Queens admission team or any law school admission team for that matter would be "randomly" selecting applicants. If they have a team dedicated solely on choosing the best candidates, you have to have faith in their judgement and believe they aren't just picking names out of a hat. If I knew Queens was "randomly" selecting applicants, I would withdraw from their program right now because that's not a school I want to spend 3+ years at. This is what Western defined as "other factors" I think it's pretty safe to say this can be applied to every other law school. Just because Queens hasn't come out and specifically stated this, these things listed are pretty much favourable in any application. For your sake, I have contacted the admissions team to get a bit more clarification on what my application stand out and I will pass along the information here (hopefully they divulge something we don't know already). Keep your head up! Have you been admitted to any other schools?
  6. Maybe it's my GPA, EC + Work experience? Like Luckycharm said, it's anyones guess. However, I do have faith in the admission process and I would hope these admission teams have deliberated on choosing the best candidates possible with all things considered. I have my fingers crossed for you! Best of luck
  7. Thanks Luckycharm! Just a minor correction (157 and 3.85 L2, cGPA 3.52). I could be wrong but Queens looks at your L2 or B2 (not sure exactly).
  8. Would you say you are surprised that I was admitted with a below average LSAT score though (157, L2 ~3.85)? You are quite knowledgeable with the admission process so I would like to ask what you think might have gotten me over the hump. I know it's all speculative at this point but I would like to pass down the knowledge to others who are also in the midst of applying. Thanks for all your contributions Luckycharm!
  9. Thanks! Yes my stats were quite similar so I am very curious as to what was another factor with my application because I don't think I had outstanding EC's or anything crazy like some of the stuff I've read on here. You even have 2 MAs which is very impressive! I was in the process of writing another LSAT but am quite relieved to be admitted with these subpar statistics (although I think my B3 is around 3.85). Also congrats to you too for starting in Ottawa! Hopefully we will cross paths one day.
  10. For those who are more informed about the process, would you say Queen's admission process is more holistic than other schools? I've been asked quite a few times by friends who are considering applying to law school but I have no idea.
  11. If this is true, that's kind of BS in my opinion. *oop according to LuckyCharm who knows a lot more than I do about the admission process, it's normal. I may have jumped the gun.
  12. Hmm I don't seem to have anything in the mail yet but could you please share what was said?
  13. Queens Law school? Did they send it out today? I haven't received anything yet.
  14. From the last official statement Queens put out, it's entirely possible it could be a hybrid.
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